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Getting a call that someone you care about is among recent Palm Beach County arrests is never a good thing. Even so, when the call comes, you will want the assistance of a fast and dependable bail bonds service. Bail Bonds Now takes the jail bond business very seriously and knows that time is of the essence. No one wants to spend any more time behind bars in Palm Beach Jail than necessary.

Florida arrests often include those who are visiting the area on vacation. It’s unfortunate, but a lot of good times end badly in the land of paradise. It’s a common story. Many visitors drink too much while having dinner with friends and family and don’t realize they are intoxicated until flashing lights are behind them. Other circumstances arise, such as boating violations, domestic disputes, suspended licenses (often times the driver was unaware the license was suspended), out of state warrants, etc.

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Palm Beach Arrests for Fishermen and Divers

Fishermen and divers frequently get themselves into a pickle when they fail to educate themselves on Florida’s laws for fishing and diving. It’s important to learn about Florida Fishing and Wildlife regulations before heading out. For example, most of the wild life in the state have weight and length requirements for keeping. And a majority of these creatures are highly protected. There are only certain times of year when they may be collected without severe fines or arrests. Florida fishing seasons are specified based on the type of fish.

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Too often, after a fisherman or hunter has been fined for a minor violation by FWC, he or she ignores the citation and also misses his or her court date to dispute it. There is usually an arrest warrant issued for the failure to appear. What started out as a small fine, may turn into a much more serious offense if not dealt with.

If you do have a misdemeanor warrant, you may qualify for the “Pay and Go” service. This would mean that you would not have to turn yourself in at the Jail! Call or text Bail Bonds Now between the hours of 9am and 5pm for more information (561)-500-9999!

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Bail Bonds – Congress – Gun Club

Bail Bonds Now is conveniently located just around the corner from Palm Beach Jail on Congress, just southeast of Gun Club Road. Our Gun Club bail bonds agents are licensed, knowledgeable, highly experienced and available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).

We are a team of experienced experts in all types of bail bonds, including state and federal Bonds. We have Nebbia Bond specialists who are ready to prepare the Nebbia packet whenever this stipulation is added to the bond. We understand having a friend or loved one arrested can be traumatic. However, our West Palm bail bond agents work hard to provide quick and comprehensive service to ensure that at least the bail bond process is fast and easy.




Online Bail Bond Service

You can now process the bail bond paperwork and your payment all online without leaving home!

Fast & Reliable Bail Bonds Service

Whenever you need help with bail bonds in West Palm Beach, Florida, or in the surrounding areas, your best choice for fast service is always Bail Bonds Now. Our state licensed bail bond agents offer unparalleled skill and efficiency in processing you or your loved one’s bail bond. We pride ourselves on retaining the stellar reputation we’ve established over the years. We also offer FREE arrest warrant search and convenient “Pay and Go” services.

Bail Bonds – Palm Beach County

We service numerous areas throughout Palm Beach County, including:

Call or text Bail Bonds Now at (561)-500-9999 for a West Palm Beach jail inmate’s release. Our bail bondsmen are standing by 24/7 and ready to help. Again, be sure to request an access code to use our online bail application.

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Bail Bonds Now of West Palm Beach

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