How to Pay for a Bail Bond

Getting arrested in Florida is an unforgettable experience and getting out of jail is of the highest priority after someone has been incarcerated. Unfortunately, paying for a bail bond isn’t usually an easy thing to do for most.

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How Much is Bail?

A typical bail amount in Florida is around $2000. However, bail for serious crimes can be set at much higher rates depending upon the circumstances listed below.

Regardless of the criminal charge, bail amounts may be set based on several factors. Below are some of the most common:

  • Age
  • Criminal History
  • Education Level
  • Employment Status
  • Failure to Appear History
  • Income Level
  • Involvement in Society
  • Substance Abuse History

How much is a Bail Bond?

 At Bail Bonds Now, we charge 10% on the set bail amount for a state bond and 15% for a federal bond. For example, if bail is set at $2000, the bail premium (amount charged by the bondsman) will be $200 for a state bond or $300 for a federal bond.

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Bail Bond Payment Options

Bail Bonds Now makes it easy to pay a bond with a variety of payment options we have available:

  • Cash– You will never have trouble finding a bail bond service that accepts cash. We will provide you with a receipt to verify your cash payment
  • Check – Personal checks are sometimes accepted as payment for a bond, but each circumstance will be at the discretion of the bail agent. Otherwise, bank cashier checks are often accepted.
  • Debit or Credit Card – Each one of our locations accept all types of debit and credit cards as payment for a bail bond. Our online bail application tool makes it easy to post bail from anywhere and by using a debit or credit card, the entire process can be completed without leaving your home.
  • Financing – At Bail Bonds Now we offer bail bonds payment plans for clients who have no other financial resource. Speak with your bail agent about the options available.
  • Money Order – It’s understandable how some may feel uncomfortable paying cash for a bail bond. If so, we will accept a money order instead.
  • Real Estate Liens and Bonds – When bail amounts exceed a few thousand dollars, finding a way to pay for a bond can become much more difficult. In these types of situations, real estate may be used as collateral. However, please keep in mind if the defendant jumps bail, the indemnitor will lose his or her property indefinitely.
  • Wire Transfers – Today, there is a long list of ways to transfer money digitally. You may use this service to pay for a bond premium, including Zelle, MoneyGram and Western Union. Speak to your bail agent if you prefer to use another wire transfer service to pay for a bail bond.

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If you have additional questions or concerns, text or call a bail bondsman right away at (561)-500-9999. Bail Bonds Now strives to be the best bail bonds service in Florida. All of our agents and staff are reliable, professional and standing by ready to serve you 24/7.


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