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Monthly archives: November 2018

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    Monthly archives: November 2018

    Marijuana DUI Test Coming

    Posted on Bail Bond News November 27, 2018 by peter

      With the legalization of marijuana springing up around the USA, law enforcement has been working diligently to establish a breathalyzer test to bust drivers who are driving under the influence of cannabis. Is the motive for creating and enforcing DUI tests for marijuana purely for safety reasons? Or is there more to it? The […]

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    Ultra Music Festival

    Posted on South Florida Music November 21, 2018 by peter

    One of the largest music festivals in the world takes place right here in Miami every year.  Mark your calendars for the 2019 Ultra Music festival – March 29th – 30th. VIDEO: David Guetta at Ultra Music Festival 2017 in Miami Watch the performance of David Guetta from Ultra Music Festival 2017. Ultra Music Festival […]

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    Palm Beach Man Released on Own Recognizance After Discharge of Firearm

    Posted on Bail Bond News November 16, 2018 by peter

    According to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, two men were arrested on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 8:00 PM for shooting at one another in unincorporated Lantana at the Sunny Hills Terrace residential community. Shots Fired Police were notified by nearby residents who heard the gun fires and officers immediately arrived at the crime scene. […]

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    South Florida’s Violent Drug Wars

    Posted on Bail Bond News November 14, 2018 by peter

    This Miami Herald article discusses the 1979 Dadeland Mall shooting, the Cocaine Cowboys and the beginning of the horrific drug wars in South Florida. READ ARTICLE   TALES OF A BONDSMAN

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    VIDEOS: How Safe is Uber

    Posted on Bail Bond News November 12, 2018 by peter

    We’ve collected some videos to find out how safe it is to rely on location-based apps for private driver transportation services, such as Uber and Lyft.     < This video created by CBS News addresses the issues that have evolved with Uber drivers and their passengers over the past seven years. The footage will […]

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