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Jupiter is the most northern town in Palm Beach County. Anyone who has ever visited Jupiter, most likely remembers the beautiful lighthouse in Jupiter Inlet. Those who haven’t been here for a while will want to visit one of the newest addition to Jupiter, Harbourside Place. A wonderful combination of boutique shops, amazing restaurants and live entertainment at the waterfront amphitheater.

Jupiter was practically put on the map by the well-known actor, Burt Reynolds. Today, some of the town’s most luxurious communities are home to some of the world’s most famous celebrities and VIPs, including Olivia Newton John, Kid Rock, Greg Norman and Tiger Woods.

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Crime in Jupiter

One thing to know when relocating to or visiting Jupiter is that crime in this town is not tolerated. It is considered one of the least dangerous cities in Florida. Therefore, if you try to drink and drive in this town, you probably aren’t going to get away with it for long.  The town has recently implemented a Community Crime Map tool to help improve the safety even more.

The most notable crimes in Jupiter were the Superbowl Sunday Killings which took place on February 5th in 2017. Three young adults were shot and killed in the backyard of a home. Drugs were a factor. The horrific incident shook up the town, as this kind of thing doesn’t happen in Jupiter.

Arrests in Jupiter are usually for non-violent crimes, such as failures to appear for Florida fishing and boating violations, as well as missed court dates for traffic criminal charges. Driving under the influence and other types of less-serious charges are also common.

When You Need a Bail Bond Company in Palm Beach County

If you or someone you care about has been arrested in Jupiter or the surrounding areas, the bail agents at Bail Bonds Now will be standing by to assist with posting bond. Our offices are open 24/7, 365 days per years and completing the bail bond application is easy with our online form. This convenient tool allows you to post bail and make a payment from anywhere and at any time. Simply call a bondsman to receive an access code. Call or text us at Bail Bonds Now (561)-500-9999.

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