What is SOR?

What Does SOR Mean in Court?

An SOR (Supervised Own Recognizance) release is when the court allows an inmate to leave jail (typically without a cash bond), but with an added condition that he reports regularly to the court system. In most cases, the defendant checks in weekly. SOR is sometimes also required as an addition to money bail requirements when dealing with an inmate with a previous criminal history or based on the type of crime committed.

SOR releases provide little or no assurance that the inmates will appear at their court hearings. This means the inmate will be released without cash bail, but instead must comply with requirements instructed by the court. How does the victim get justice when the defendant fails to appear?

SORs were not intended for violent crimes or repeat offenders, but instead have become the norm for mass release in Palm Beach County with a higher failure-to-appear rate burdening tax payers and local law enforcement with an exuberant amount of warrants being issued in our county.

VIDEO: Explains More About Supervised Release

Please note that this video was published in 2015, therefore any statistics mentioned are out-of-date



Palm Beach County Inmate Locator



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