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Monthly archives: October 2018

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    Monthly archives: October 2018

    West Palm Bail Bondsmen Saved the Day

    Posted on Bail Bond News October 31, 2018 by peter

    Man Hit PBSO Deputy Before Shooting According to the Palm Beach Post, two local bail bondsmen in West Palm Beach, Florida proved their value as more than bounty hunters yesterday when they ran to the rescue of a nearby PBSO deputy struggling with a criminal in Palm Springs. The bail bondsmen, Joshua Choomack and Oscar […]

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    VIDEO: Gangs in West Palm Beach

    Posted on Bail Bond News October 29, 2018 by peter

    Most Dangerous Gang in West Palm Beach Gangs in West Palm Beach are real. talks about the dangers and problems with the 6 Top street gang in the area.     MORE FLORIDA CRIME NEWS

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    Historical Crime in Pompano Beach

    Posted on Bail Bond News October 17, 2018 by peter

    Pompano Beach is more than just a seaside city in South Florida. Historically, it was one of the first places in the United States where African American citizens’ rights were (somehow) protected due to the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. The case was recorded in legal history as ‘Chambers V Florida’. […]

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    HISTORICAL: Miami ‘Cocaine Cowboys Shootings in the 1980s

    Posted on Bail Bond News October 15, 2018 by peter

    Looking back at when Cocaine took over Miami back in the ’80s At that time, Miami became known as the most dangerous place to live, as it was becoming the ‘Drug Capital of the World’.   RELATED: Crime in Overtown Miami   FLORIDA CRIME NEWS

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    Why Bail Reform and Pretrial Risk Assessments are Unconstitutional

    Posted on Bail Bond News October 3, 2018 by peter

    Bail Reform has been a hot topic for several years and some states here in the United States have already transformed the traditional bail system that our country has used for more than two hundred years. These states have removed a defendant’s automatic ability to post bail for non-capital offenses and replaced it with pretrial […]

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