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Hillsborough County was founded in 1834 and is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the state of Florida, but is more familiar to most as ‘The Tampa Bay Area’.  In 2017, there were more than 52,000 people arrested in Hillsborough County. With a total population of 1,379,302, more than 50,000 arrests may not seem so extreme. However, the area ranked in the state as one of the counties with the highest crime rates.

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If someone you care about has been arrested in Tampa or the surrounding areas, Bail Bonds Now is standing by and ready to help post bail. Our bail bond agents are licensed, highly experienced and reliable. We have offices throughout the state of Florida with 24 hour bail bonds services. You can process the bail bond paperwork and make payments all online. To speak with an agent, call or text (352)-500-9999.


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