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Pay a Hillsborough County Bail Bond Online

You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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Hillsborough County was founded in 1834 and is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the state of Florida. It is familiar to most as ‘The Tampa Bay Area’.  The county was named after Wills Hill, the Earl of Hillsborough. Hill had served as British Secretary of State for the Colonies between 1768 and 1772.

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Hillsborough originally included more of the surrounding cities within its county domain. Yet, today many of those municipalities have been allocated to newer counties, such as Charlotte, DeSoto, Hardee, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Sarasota.

The Tampa Bay Area is another top destination for residents and visitors in Florida with its beautiful beaches and many local attractions. Almost everyone enjoys visiting Busch Gardens Tampa Bay African-Themed Amusement park and zoo.

Enjoying the Outdoors in Hillsborough

If you enjoy the outdoors, the Sunshine State has just about everything to offer. On Florida’s West Coast, Hillsborough River State Park  is a short drive from downtown Tampa. Here you can enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, bicycling and more.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Regulations

If you’re planning on fishing, hunting or boating in Florida,  it’s a good idea to review the Florida Fish Wildlife regulations beforehand. The rules may be quite different from other states. Florida goes to great lengths to protect its wildlife. Many residents and visitors take these laws too lightly and end up with a bench warrant for their arrest from not paying a ticket for a Florida wildlife violation and missing their court date to contest it.

Crime in Hillsborough County FL

According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, in 2017, there were more than 52,000 people arrested in Hillsborough County. With a total population of 1,379,302, more than 50,000 arrests may not seem so extreme. However, the area ranked in the state as one of the counties with the highest crime rates. The Hillsborough County Crime Search Map specifies where the crimes in the Tampa Bay area are being committed.

All Hour Bail Bonds

If someone you care about has been arrested in Tampa or the surrounding areas, Bail Bonds Now is standing by and ready to help post bail. Our bail bond agents are licensed, highly experienced and reliable. We have offices throughout the state of Florida with 24 hour bail bonds services. To speak with an agent, call or text (813)-800-9999.

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Bail Bonds Online

We understand the stress involved with bailing someone out of jail. The good news is that our bail bond application and payment may both be completed using our online form at Bail Bonds Now. The only requirement for completing the form is having a smartphone or any type of computer device. If you plan to pay for a bond with a credit or debit card, the entire bail bond process can be taken care of from anywhere and at any time. Simply text or call a bail bonds agent in Hillsborough at (813)-800-9999 to get started with an access code.


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