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We at Bail Bonds Now strive to be the best bail bonds service across Florida. Our main office is located in West Palm Beach with sub-agents available across the state of Florida. No matter the criminal charge or county we at Bail Bonds Now are ready to help. If you’re worried about an arrest warrant, we can also help to get your warrant cleared in Palm Beach County between 9am and 5pm and usually with no jail time.

What makes us the first and best choice when choosing a bail bond agency?

All bail bond agents and staff at Bail Bonds Now are professional, knowledgeable, courteous and available to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We have a complete online bail bonding system to easily and conveniently assist you with posting a bond for a loved one. Just call or text a bond agent to receive an access code.  In some cases you won’t even have to step foot in our office. All Florida bail bond agencies are required to charge the same fee, so why not work with the best at Bail Bonds Now!

Immediate bail bonds services are available anywhere throughout Florida. Our agents are professionally trained and licensed by the State of Florida. Once contact with an agent has been established, we will work with you through the entirety of the bail bond process. From the time we take your call, complete the necessary documents, and post bond, we are with you every step of the way. Once court notifications are sent out, our office will send your friend or loved one a text message reminder of the up-coming court date to help ensure their appearance. We provide this service for all of our clients and consistently ensure everyone is treated with the utmost respect.

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Bail Bonds Now understands this is a trying and difficult time, so we are always here to help.  

For help with bail in Florida – Call or text us at (561)-500-9999.

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Obtaining a bail bond has never been easier! Try out our new online bail bonding system - available to you 24/7. Our customers are now able to post bond for a friend or loved one anytime, anywhere - all without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Please click the "Start Now" button below to quickly apply for a bail bond today!

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