Duval County Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds for Duval County Arrests

Duval County is one of the most populous counties in Florida with Jacksonville as its county seat. According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were 936,811 people living in Duval County in 2017 with just over 28,000 arrests.

Bail Bonds for arrests in Duval County

When you need a bail bond agent in Duval County, Bail Bonds Now will be standing by and ready. Why? Because our state licensed bail bonds agents are unrivaled in skill and expertise. We pride ourselves on our established credibility within the community that we have worked in for many years.

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail at Any Time?

Our agents are on call and available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We service all bail bonds including State and Federal Bonds. We have exceptional experience with Nebbia Bonds and are ready to prepare the Nebbia packet whenever this stipulation is added.

We understand having a friend or loved one arrested can be traumatizing news. but we at Bail Bonds Now are standing by and ready to serve you in this terrible time of need with professionalism and respect.


Bail Bonds Now provides free warrant checks between 9am and 5pm! Have a misdemeanor warrant? Call or text Bail Bonds Now any time for more information at (904)-500-9999!

You can complete all of the bail bond paperwork and make your payment right here online, so you don’t have to leave home!

We service numerous areas throughout Duval County, including:

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Fianzas de Inmigración

Búsqueda de orden de arresto GRATIS

Encuentre un recluso en el condado de Duval

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Duval County Inmate Lookup

Bail Bonds Now of Duval County

221 N Hogan St #625, Jacksonville, Florida 32202


Directions to Duval County Jail

500 E Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202

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221 N Hogan Street, #625
Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 904-500-9999

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