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    Pay a Seminole County Bail Bond Online

    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Seminole County is also referred to as ‘Orlando North’ and home to Seminole State College of Florida. The college is located in Sanford, which is also the county seat. Although Disney World, Universal or other great amusement parks are actually located in Orange County, Seminole has its own share of great places to visit.

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    Seminole County Arrests

    Arrests in Seminole County for 2016 and 2017 averaged just under 16,000 with the City of Sanford in the lead. However, less than 700 of those arrests were from violent crimes for both years. A majority of the arrests were for larceny.

    How to Find Out if Someone Was Arrested in Seminole

    latest arrests in seminole county

    Find out if someone has been arrested in Seminole County with the Seminole County Arrest Records.

    24 Hour Bonding Agents in Sanford and the Surrounding Areas – Ready to Serve!

    Bail Bonds Now has Sanford bail bonds agents standing by and ready to help with posting jail bail bonds anytime, day or night.  We understand the severity of the situation when someone you care about is incarcerated and know how important it for a fast release. We make it easy with our online bail bonds application tool and our 24/7 bail hotline for calls and texts at (321)-500-9999.


    If you’ve never been in a situation where you’ve had to bail someone out of jail, you probably have a lot of questions. Below are some quick questions and answers to help you understand the process better.

    What is Bail?

    Bail is the money ordered by the courts in exchange for the release of someone who was arrested, but has not yet been proven guilty. Not all crimes committed are eligible for bail. For example, someone who has been accused of first-degree murder will not be allowed bail.

    What is a Bail Bond?

    A bail bond is a surety bond provided by a state licensed bail bondsman which allows a person arrested for a misdemeanor or felony crime to pay a small percentage of the full bail amount to be released from jail while awaiting his or her court hearing.

    How Much Does a Bail Bondsman Charge?

    The fee charged by a bondsman is called the ‘bail premium’. The amount of the bail premium varies depending upon the agent you choose to work with, but typically the cost is 10% of the bail amount for state bonds. That is how we do it here at Bail Bonds Now. For example, bail set by a judge here in Florida usually starts at around $1000 and will increase based on the severity of the crime. If bail is set at $1000, the bondsman’s fee will be $100.

    Can You Pay a Bail Bond with a Credit Card

    How Long After Posting Bail is Inmate Released?

    If you are working with a reliable bonding agent, an inmate is usually released within six to twelve hours after the bail bond paperwork has been completed and the bail premium has been paid.

    Can a Bail Bondsman Revoke a Bond?

    The answer is ‘yes’. If someone who has been released from jail on a bail bond and jumps bail (i.e. does not show up for the court hearing as agreed) or fails to comply with any other requirements for the bond, the bondsman has the right to revoke the bond.  If this happens with a felony bond, the defendant will be taken back to jail.

    If you or someone you care about has been arrested in Seminole County, call or text Bail Bonds Now at (321)-500-9999. Our easy-to-use online form allows you to apply for a bail bond from anywhere at any time using your smartphone or computer. You will just need to contact an agent to receive access.

    We strive to be the best bail bonds service across florida,and our clients agree!

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