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    Monthly archives: August 2019

    Basic Information on Drug Trafficking Bonds

    Posted on Bail Bonds Services August 30, 2019 by peter

    When it comes to any kind of trafficking case, the original drug trafficking bonds will be set at a high amount. This is due to the fact that the only thing the initial appearance judge will have to base his or her opinion is the arresting officer´s affidavit. If the arresting officer claims that any […]

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    Labor Day Weekend Safety in Florida

    Posted on Holiday Safety August 29, 2019 by peter

    Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, meaning local law enforcement will be cracking down on crime. It is always important to stay safe and abide the laws, but it is especially important on holidays such as this upcoming Labor Day. Choose a Designated Driver One thing in particular to watch out for is drunk driving. […]

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    Bail Bonds: The Ultimate Convenience!

    Posted on Bail Bond News August 29, 2019 by peter

    There are plenty of reasons why bail bondsmen are helpful to their communities. Bondsmen specialize in providing bail bonds for pretrial inmate release. Bail procedures vary depending upon which county the detained is being held and the type of crime they are accused of. What Are Surety Bonds? When someone has been arrested in Florida, […]

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    How To Get a Bail Bond

    Posted on Bail Bonds Now August 28, 2019 by peter

    How Much is Bail? Bail amounts in Florida can range anywhere from a thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands (and more in some situations) depending on the degree of crime the inmate is accused of. Obviously, most of the people who are arrested do not have that kind of money available. That’s where the benefits […]

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