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How to Find Out If You Got A Warrant Out for Arrest in Florida

Cómo averiguar si obtuviste una orden de arresto en Florida

Are you concerned about an outstanding warrant?

Bail Bonds Now allows you to check for outstanding warrants with our FREE Warrant Check Walk Through service in Palm Beach County. The “Walk Through” is available for those who qualify and takes about an hour to complete. This is a MUCH better option rather than having to turn yourself into jail where you will be held for 24 hours before being released.

 What happens when you have an arrest warrant?

What is a Warrant?

A person who fails to appear in court as ordered and scheduled is issued an arrest warrant. A misdemeanor warrant is a court authorized document that commands state and local law enforcement to arrest an individual accused of a crime that was not necessarily witnessed by the police.

Examples of misdemeanor crimes that qualify for Pay And Go Service in Palm Beach County:

  • Criminal Mischief – Usually a crime involving alteration or destruction of tangible property.
  • Driving Under The Influence – ‘DUI’ – (aka: Driving Under The Influence) – Driving a motor vessel while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance
  • Driving While License Suspended – (DWLS) Driving a vehicle WITH knowledge that your license is suspended.
  • Petit Theft – Stealing (such as shop lifting) or taking something from a person without payment or prior authorization under $300 of value.
  • Possession of Cannabis – Possession under 20g.

What is the Difference Between an Arrest Warrant and a Bench Warrant?

An arrest warrant is a document signed by a judge and issued to police demanding a person’s arrest after reasonable belief that the accused person committed a crime. The warrant is not released until a grand jury finds the person guilty and / or law enforcement performs a full investigation..

Unfortunately for the person accused, no actual notice is sent out to him or her about the warrant. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for the person to find out about a warrant for an arrest until coming into contact with a police officer. At that time, it’s too late. The accused is then arrested and taken to jail.

A bench warrant is usually issued after a ‘failure to appear’ (someone fails to appear at a scheduled court hearing or does not respond to a subpoena). The crime committed could be as simple as a speeding ticket. Regardless, a court date was ignored. The term evolved because the bench warrant is a result of the failure to comply with a written and court ordered command to sit on a bench in a court before a judge. Bench warrants are accompanied by a set bail amount and most likely time in jail until the new court date.

A failure to appear for a serious crime will usually lead to an actual arrest warrant requiring the accused to spend time in jail. However, with a bench warrant, the circumstances are not as severe meaning the police are not going to literally go out and look for the person. Nonetheless, the person’s name will be entered into the state’s law enforcement database and if that person happens to come into contact with a police officer, the warrant will show up and instruct authorities to make an immediate arrest.

Find Out if You Have a Warrant

If you are fortunate enough to find out about an open bench warrant in Palm Beach before running into the police, you can resolve the requirements to remove a warrant without the embarrassment or time in jail. Call Bail Bonds Now any time between 9am and 5pm for a FREE outstanding arrest warrant search at (561)-500-9999

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