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    We make bail bonds simple

    When you or someone you care about has been arrested, Bail Bonds Now is the quickest and most professional bail bond company in Florida. Our highly qualified bail bond agents are here to assist you in any county and at any time. With Bail Bonds Now, we make it easy! Pay online using our online bail bond application and payment forms.

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    We serve all counties in Florida, 24/7

    We are able to service any city or county within the state of Florida. You can also apply for a bail bond and make your payment right here on our website. The entire bail bond process may be completed right here online any time, 24/7.

    Why choose us
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    bail bonds needs?

    You can apply for your Florida bail bond from our website. The system makes it quite easy and convenient to get your bail bond regardless of your location within Florida. The new online bail bond system brings our services closer to the people. If you feel uncomfortable walking into a bail bond office, simply apply via our online portal. We also have convenient payment plans some of which don’t even require collateral.

    more info ON how we CAN help:

    Our Bail Bond process in Florida

    At Bail Bonds Now we believe in making your bail process as easy as possible. Once you have been arrested, you only need to contact one of our representatives to post bail for you after the judge has fixed the bail amount. In Florida, the process takes approximately 48 hours.

    Florida Bail Bonds Services

    There are many people who, for one reason or another, cannot raise the cash required to post bail. In such cases, you can depend on a bail bond service in Florida to pay the bail amount on your behalf. Most of these services charge a small fee of around 10% of the total amount as interest. In most cases, a Florida bail bondsman will require collateral in form of your equity in your home or car before paying the full bail amount so you can be released. Bail Bonds Now is one of the most reliable and convenient bail bonds services in Florida. Our highly qualified bail bonds agents are spread across the state ready to assist you 24 hours every day.

    What you need to know about Florida bail bonds

    If you, or a member of your family, are ever arrested, the judge will decide on a certain bail amount that has to be paid before you are released. Being locked up in jail until your trial commences can be a traumatic experience, not forgetting the fact that you won’t have the time to prepare your defense. When you are kept in jail until your trial ends, you’ll not be able to work and support your loved ones.

    Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Programs

    In addition to posting bail, we also help facilitate placement of inmates into homeless shelters, Florida certified drug rehab facilities and youth programs. We provide this service as a courtesy for all of our clients free of charge. Our goal is to help our community by attempting to reduce the revictimization rate and make sure our clients can put their best foot forward once their case has been resolved. We DO NOT receive any type of compensation for referrals to rehabilitation program.

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    About Bail Bonds NOW

    Specializing in State, Federal, and Nebbia Bail Bonds in any county within the state of Florida

    We at Bail Bonds Now strive to be the number one choice in bail bonds across Florida. Our main office is based in West Palm Beach with agents located across the entire state of Florida. No matter the criminal charge, or county, Bail Bonds Now is ready to help. What makes us your first and best choice when choosing a bail bond company is our courteous and professional staff who are ready to post bond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays). We are the only agency that truly covers the entire state of Florida. FLORIDA’S PREFERRED BONDSMAN>

    APPLY NOW Online

    Getting a bail bond has never been easier! Our online bail bond application and payment form are accessible 24/7. You can now post a bond for yourself, a friend or family member at any time and from anywhere simply by using your smartphone or any computer device - just hit the ‘START NOW’ button below to begin the process immediately.

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