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    Pay a Singer Island Bail Bond Online

    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Singer Island is Found Over the Blue Heron Bridge

    Singer Island begins after crossing the Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach.  At the end of the bridge, take a right onto Lake Drive which will take you to everyone’s favorite spot on Singer Island, Sailfish Marina Restaurant and Resort. An excellent spot for walking along the marina and sightseeing. It’s a popular place to discover amazing sea life, including manatees, stingrays, tropical fish and more. The gift shop has amazing items and also sells fish food for the kids to enjoy feeding the Jack Carval.

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    Getting to Singer Island from Palm Beach Gardens

    You may also get to the island from PGA Boulevard if you’re coming from the Palm Beach Gardens area. It’s a beautiful drive with views of the Atlantic Ocean and impressive architecture along the way.

    Singer Island Beach has become one of the more beautiful beaches in Palm Beach County since the Singer Island Dune Restoration Project was completed in 2013. It’s also one of the few beaches in Palm Beach County with convenient access to restaurants, souvenir shops and night clubs. One of the most loved places to eat or enjoy a night out along the beach is Johnny Longboat’s.

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    Peanut Island Arrests

    While traveling east and crossing the bridge from Riviera Beach heading onto Singer Island you will see to your right (south) Peanut Island. This is also a popular spot for parties and gatherings, but is only accessible by boat. It’s also viewable from Sailfish Marina. Unfortunately, there is no alcohol on the island except in the designated camping permit areas. Therefore, you mostly will see boats floating around the island. Due to these strict regulations, there are frequent arrests on Peanut Island (especially on holidays).

    24 7 Bail Bonds for Arrests on Singer Island / Palm Beach Shores

    If you or someone you care about has been arrested on Singer Island or Palm Beach Shores, call or text a bail bond agent at Bail Bonds Now at (561)-500-9999. The bail bond hotline is open all day and all night, 365 days per year.



    How to Bail Someone Out of Jail Online

    It’s never been easier to complete a bail bond application and make a payment. Bail Bonds Now’s online bail bond application may be accessed from anywhere at any time using a smartphone or computer. Simply call or text the bail bond hotline at (561)-500-9999 to receive an access code from one of our agents.

    How to Find Out if You Have a Bench Warrant

    If you missed a court appearance for a previous arrest and are concerned there may be a warrant issued currently for your arrest, visit our instruction page to learn how to search for an arrest warrant.

    If you find there is in fact a warrant out for your arrest, Bail Bonds Now’s ‘Pay and Go’ service makes turning yourself in easy and fast. There is usually no jail time when turning yourself in with this service. PLEASE NOTE: We offer this service between the hours of 9am and 5pm only.

    We strive to be the best bail bonds service across florida,and our clients agree!

    APPLY NOW Online

    Obtaining a bail bond has never been easier! Try out our new online bail bonding system - available to you 24/7. Our customers are now able to post bond for a friend or loved one anytime, anywhere - all without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Please click the "Start Now" button below to quickly apply for a bail bond today!

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