Supersedeas Bonds in Florida

supersedeas bond florida

What is a Supersedeas bond?

A supersedeas bond (aka: ‘suspends sentence’) is a type of surety bond often required by the judicial courts from a defendant who wants to petition to postpone sentencing time to a later date (i.e. gives the defendant time to get their family together, finances in order, employment situated, etc. prior to serving the sentence)

How Much Does a Supersedeas Bond Cost?

Supersedeas bonds fall under federal bond guidelines which requires the defendant to pay 15% of the total bond amount. Collateral is required for supersedeas bonds in most cases by surety bondsmen.

How to Get a Supersedeas Bond

Call or text Bail Bonds Now for a supersedeas bond anytime, 24/7 at (561)-500-9999. All of our bail bond agents are licensed, experienced and reliable. You can complete the entire bond process and make payment online with our easy-to-use form. Simply contact a bondsman to receive an access code and password and to find out about payment options.

supersedeas bonds florida”



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