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    What is a Nebbia Hold on a Bond?

    Posted on Bond Types, Resources September 29, 2015 by peter

    In addition to issuing a bond for an inmate’s pretrial release, a judge can order a Nebbia hold to be placed on the bond.

    A nebbia hold is a condition added to a pretrial inmate’s release which ensures the court that the money used to pay for a bond was not derived from an illegal activity. For example, when someone is accused of a drug trafficking crime, it’s common for the judge to demand that money used to bail a suspect out undergo a nebbia hearing (aka: ‘bail source hearing’).

    how to get a nebbia bond

    What Happens at a Nebbia Hearing?

    A nebbia hearing will come to a conclusion on whether or not the funds are considered eligible for paying for a bond. If the money to pay for a bond is found to have been provided by an outside source (i.e. family, friends, etc.) and irrelevant to criminal activity, the inmate is more likely to be granted bail.

    In addition to deciphering whether or not money allotted for an inmate’s pretrial release are from a trustworthy source, the arrestee’s criminal history will also be taken into consideration during the nebbia hearing. The judge wants to feel confident the defendant will show up to his court hearing(s) and abide by his release requirements.

    How is a Nebbia Hold Lifted?

    A nebbia hold requires anyone who is posting a bond to show the court proof of the source of the funds planned for use to release the inmate while waiting for his trial. This procedure prevents money gained from illegal sources to be used as bond. The Defendant can prove legitimacy of sources by providing the court with bank records, tax statements, or other accounting documents that indicate that all money/collateral was attained through a legal source. Once the court reviews these documents and are satisfied, the court will remove the Nebbia hold and allow a defendant to post bond.

    How to Apply for a Nebbia Bond

    Bail Bonds Now is available to help post a nebbia bond in the state of Florida. All of our bail bonds agents are licensed, experienced and familiar with the nebbia bond process.  If you or someone you know is in need of our bail bond services, contact a bail bond agent to get started.

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