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    Florida Fish and Wildlife Rules

    Posted on Resources September 13, 2019 by peter

    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Regulations

    Before heading out for a day of fishing, boating or hunting in Kissimmee (or anywhere throughout Florida), it’s important to educate yourself on the guidelines put in place by Florida Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement. For example, each creature carries its own specific rules and regulations.

    florida fishing and boating regulations

    Examples of Ways to Break the Law While Enjoying the Outdoors in Florida

    Without being informed about how Florida protects its wildlife, you could be putting yourself at risk. A Weekly Report from the Division of Law Enforcement generated this past January (2018) mentions a long list of ways people were fined or arrested in Osceola County and other areas within the state while enjoying the outdoors:

    • Commercial fishing vessel harvesting red and vermillion snapper was docked without a prior three-hour landing notification prior to docking
    • Evasion of state park fees
    • Expired boat registration; license and boating safety violations
    • Convicted felon in possession of a firearm
    • Fishing in a closed area; fishing without a fishing license
    • Fishing with a net exceeding five hundred square feet
    • Harvesting lemon shark
    • Harvesting oysters from a prohibited area; over the bag limit for oysters; possession of undersized oysters
    • Hunting raccoons with the use of a light from a moving vehicle
    • Improper vessel lighting
    • Killing two bucks in velvet before the hunting season; taking doe deer during closed season; taking wildlife from a roadway; taking a short antlered deer
    • Possession of over the bag limit and undersized permit while fishing
    • Possession of undersized stone crab claws and whole stone crabs
    • Possessing venomous reptiles without a permit; caging violations
    • Refused to comply with repeated instruction by officer to return to dock
    • Shooting black vultures and wood duck on the Yellow River
    • Shooting ducks after sunset; shooting with unplugged shotguns; hunting without Federal duck stamp
    • Shrimping during prohibited hours
    • Taking snook by illegal method; possession of three snook in excess of daily limit; possession of four undersized snook, possession of snook out of season
    • Trespassing

    Below, we have provided some helpful fishing and hunting regulation links:


    Florida freshwater fishing regulationsClick image to see full chart
    Florida Fishing Regulations Chart

    All Hours Bail Bonds

    If you or someone you care about has been arrested for a failure to appear for a boating, fishing or hunting violation in Florida, text or call Bail Bonds Now for help at (561)-500-9999. Or find a Florida location near you.


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