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    Pay a Martin County Bail Bond Online

    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Help for Those Arrested in Martin County

    When you or your loved one has been arrested in Martin County, Bail Bonds Now should be the first call you make. As soon as direct contact has been made with our office we can begin the quick process of qualifying you or your loved one for a bail bond to get them out of jail as fast as possible. Our experienced Treasure Coast bail bond agents pride themselves on their contribution to establishing our excellent reputation as the fastest and most reliable bail bond distributors. Our agents are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, including all holidays.

    Bail Bonds for Arrests in Martin County

    What is Bail?

    Bail is money demanded by a judge for the release of someone from jail who has not yet been convicted of a crime while awaiting trial. However, not everyone is eligible for bail on pretrial release in Florida. For example, someone accused of a violent crime will usually require mandatory incarceration.  Otherwise, a judge  or a uniform bond schedule makes the decision as to whether or not bail will be allowed and for how much.

    What is a Jail Bond?

    Many who have been arrested for a crime in Florida do not have the financial resources to pay the full amount of bail ordered by a judge. However, the United States had included the ‘right to bail’ as The 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, the bail bond was put in place to provide a way to prevent our government from incarcerating its citizens without a fair trial.

    How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

    A Florida bail bonds agent charges a bail bond premium of 10% of the required bail amount for the arrested person’s release on a state bond. Once the bail bonds agent has posted bail, he or she is considered responsible for the accused showing up to their scheduled hearing as required. If the person who has been arrested does not show up to their court date, the bail bonds company will be responsible for paying the full amount of bail to the court. Therefore, the bail bond premium is non-refundable.

    24 Hour Bail Bonds

    We fully understand that receiving the disturbing news that a friend or loved one has been arrested is traumatic. Bail Bonds Now is always the best choice whenever you need a bail bond in Stuart or any city in Martin County. We take pride in our specialization in Nebbia Bonds, which includes preparation of the Nebbia packet whenever a bond has this requirement added.

    Post Bail Online

    The Martin county office concentrates on cities within Martin County. Our bail bonds agents offer services for all types of criminal charges and bond amounts. Just one phone call and you will be in touch with one of our experienced agents dedicated to helping you or your loved one during the entire process.

    With the Bail Bonds Now online bail bond application and payment system, you can apply for and pay for a bond from anywhere using a smartphone or computer. Just text or call a bondsman to receive an access code at  (772)-500-9999 to get started.

    We service numerous areas throughout Martin County, including:

    how does bail work

    We strive to be the best bail bonds service across florida,and our clients agree!

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    Obtaining a bail bond has never been easier! Try out our new online bail bonding system - available to you 24/7. Our customers are now able to post bond for a friend or loved one anytime, anywhere - all without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Please click the "Start Now" button below to quickly apply for a bail bond today!

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