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When you find out that someone you care about has been arrested in Florida, the first thing to do is find a bail bonds agency to help get that person released as soon as possible. In some cases, bail will not be allowed due to the severity of the crime. However, it’s smart to contact a bondsman as soon as your friend or family member has been arrested for the fastest possible release.

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How Does Bail Work?

Instead of having to pay the full amount of bail set by the court, a bail bonds agent provides a way to get out of jail without paying the full amount of bail. If the person who was charged for a crime shows up for his court date as promised, with submission of the bail bond and follows all other requirements demanded, no other money will be owed to the bail bond company.

How Much Does a Bail Bondsman Charge?

The amount for a bail bond is only a small percentage of the actual full bail amount set by the court magistrate and referred to as the ‘bail premium’. Typically, the cost for a bail bond is 10% for a state bond and 15% for a federal bond. For example, if a judge sets bail at $5000, the cost for the bail premium will be $500 for a state bond or $750 for a federal bond.

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Is Bail Money Returned?

If the defendant appears in court as scheduled and meets all the requirements set initially by the judge, any cash money paid for the bail itself is returned. However, if you hire a bondsman to get someone out of jail, you pay him or her what is called a ‘bail premium’. Bail premiums, or any amount paid to a bail bondsman, is non-refundable.

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If someone you care about has been arrested in Pasco County, Bail Bonds Now is standing by and ready to help 24/7. Our convenient online bail forms are easy to use with any type of computer device, including smartphones, Ipads, laptops and desktop computers. The best part about it is – you don’t have to leave your home to complete the process.

All of our agents are licensed, experienced and reliable. We’ve been serving the state of Florida since 2012. If you prefer, you may call or text a Bail Bonds Now agent at (813)-800-9999.

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