What is an Appeal Bond?

In order to understand what an ‘appeal bond’ is, one must first understand the meaning of an ‘appeal’ according to the judicial court system. At the closing of a court hearing, the losing party is offered the ability to have the court’s decision reviewed by the Court of Appeal (a higher court) in an attempt to reverse the final judgment. This is called an appeal.

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Many court systems require appeal bonds when a someone requests an appeal at the end of litigation. The appeal bond is demanded of the appellant for the purpose of making sure the funds for court fees, money owed to the winning party, etc. are available at the end of the appeal process.

How Does a Criminal Appeal Bond Work?

The losing party of a criminal court hearing who chooses to file an appeal is required to purchase an appeal bond to secure one’s release from jail while pending criminal appeal.

How Much Does an Appeal Bond Cost?

Appeal bonds are considered high risk bonds and most often require collateral (i.e. cash or letter of credit). At Bail Bonds Now, we charge ten percent (10%) of the full bond set by the judge for an appeal bond. For example, if the petitioner is required to establish a $1 million bond, the bail premium will be $100,000. This amount is non-refundable.

How Long Does an Immigration Bond Appeal Take?

The amount of time required for an immigration appeal bond will depend upon the attorney, judge, case circumstances and other legalities.

What is the Difference Between a Supersedeas bond and an appeal bond?

These two types of bonds are not the same. A supersedeas bond is required in order to postpone sentencing for someone who has been found guilty. An appeal bond is required when a defendant is requesting an appeal to challenge the court’s decision.

How to Get an Appeal Bond?

To apply for an appeal bond in Florida, contact a surety bond agent licensed at Bail Bonds Now. Our bail bond agents are standing by and ready to answer your questions about getting an appeal bond. Simply call or text a bond agent anytime at (561)-500-9999 or at the area code listed for your city.

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