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The Village of Palm Springs in South Florida is located just west of Interstate 95 and is sometimes confused with Greenacres, a nearby community also west of I95. The northern part of the city is nestled in with West Palm Beach and the southern portion brushes into Lake Worth. Both sections of the village are located in rural parts of the county.

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Palm Springs FL Crime Rate offers recent crime data for the Palm Springs community.  As the city is inhabited by the lower income families with less security than many other regions in the county, crime statistics indicate a higher level of both misdemeanor and felony arrests.

How to Post Bond for Palm Springs Arrests

When you get that call from someone you care about saying they have been arrested in Palm Springs, Florida or the surrounding areas, Bail Bonds Now will be standing by and ready to help post bond anytime, 24/7. Simply call or text the bail hotline at (561)-500-9999.

After someone is arrested, the courts set bail for an amount that is either ordered by a bond schedule or county judge. Although Palm Beach County does have a preset bond schedule for most crimes, it’s up to the magistrate to decide as to whether he or she chooses to modify the bail amount based on the arrestee’s previous criminal history, the crime committed and other factors.

Who Is Eligible for Bail?

Not everyone who has been arrested for a crime is eligible for bail. Some examples are, an inmate who has been arrested for a violent murder is not going to be allowed bail in most cases. Someone who has a history of violent crimes will most likely not be eligible for a bond.

The primary purpose of bail is to improve the probability that the defendant will show up for their court date as required. Throughout most of the history of the United States, bail money has been used to instill accountability.

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How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

At Bail Bonds Now, we charge 10% of the set bail amount for a state bond and 15% for a federal bond. So, if bail was set by a judge at $2000, the bail bond (aka: bail premium) would cost $200 for a state bond and $300 for a federal bond. Unlike cash bail paid to the courts directly, payments made to a bail bondsman are non-refundable.

Pay Bail Bond Online

Bail Bonds Now is standing by and ready to assist with bail for arrests in Palm Springs. The process for applying for a bail bond can be completed anywhere and at any time using our online form with your smartphone or any computer device.  Simply call or text at (561)-500-9999 a bail bond agent and request access to the form.

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CRIME STOPPERS ALERT: Palm Springs Police Department Criminal Investigations Division is seeking any information regarding unsolved cases.


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