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The Groveland Four

Historical Crime in Lake County, Florida In the southern part of Lake County is the city of Groveland which holds a very dark and horrific true story that was written about in newspapers...

September 17,2019Peggy DiPirroPeggy DiPirro
okaloosa island

Florida Fish and Wildlife Rules

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Regulations Before heading out for a day of fishing, boating or hunting in Kissimmee (or anywhere throughout Florida), it’s important to educate...

September 13,2019adminadmin
florida bail bonds

How Bail Bonding and Bounty Hunting Work

What’s the Difference? When a person is arrested in Florida, they are taken into police custody and booked into jail. Upon arrival, the suspect is fingerprinted and mugshots are taken....

September 5,2019adminadmin
nearest bail bondsman

How to choose the best bail bondsman

More often than not, when you hear that a friend or family member has been arrested by the police, the first reaction is to panic.   Although finding out about an arrest is nerve wracking,...

September 4,2019adminadmin

Everyone’s Right To Bail Bonds Services

Not everyone is able to pay the required bail set by the courts when they are arrested. Bail bonds make the alternative extra obtainable to everybody, despite earnings or social standing. Bear in...

September 4,2019adminadmin
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