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    Florida Spiny Lobster Season

    Posted on Bail Bond News July 10, 2019 by peter

    When is Lobster Season in Florida?

    Lobstering in Florida brings in sportsman from all over the world. However, those who fail to familiarize themselves with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservative Commission regulations may find themselves in some trouble.

    lobster season florida

    Spiny Lobster Sport Season Schedule

    Spiny Lobster Season in Florida is held for two days only and are the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July each year. This year, the Spiny Lobster diver season is scheduled for July 24th and 25th, 2019.

    Dos and Don’ts of Spiny Lobster Diving in Monroe County

    • Anyone who is spiny lobstering in the Keys (or anywhere in the state) must have in their possession a Florida recreational saltwater fishing license and a lobster permit.
    • The daily limit for lobsters caught is six (6) per person in or out of the water per day for the Florida Keys and Biscayne National Park in Monroe County.
    • All spiny lobsters kept must be larger than 3” (and must be measured while still in the water)
    • All lobsters added to the daily limit bag must be measured immediately before adding to your bag. If the lobster is undersized, it must be immediately released back into the saltwater or added to your daily catch limit.
    • No separating the tail from the body of any lobster is allowed while on the water.
    • No diving is allowed after dark except during sport season (this includes swimming at or below the water surface).
    • No harvesting or possessing of egg-bearing lobsters belonging to any family of spiny, slipper or furry lobsters
    • No harvesting or attempting to harvest spiny lobsters using any type of device which may puncture, penetrate or crush the shell or flesh of the lobster
    • No trapping lobsters is ever allowed
    • No lobster harvest is allowed in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Everglades National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park or the designated no-take areas in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary or in the Biscayne Bay/Card Sound Lobster Sanctuary during the two-day Spiny Lobster Season.


    Any questions regarding the no-take areas should be referred to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. You may also call 305-852-7717.

    Spiny Lobster Harvesting Outside Monroe County, FL

    All other counties in Florida allow for twelve (12) spiny lobsters per person per day.


    Arrested in Florida for Breaking Lobstering Law

    If you or someone you care about has been arrested for failing to follow Florida lobster regulations, Bail Bonds Now is standing by. All of our bondsmen are licensed, experienced and always strive for a quick release. Use our online bail bond application from anywhere and at any time using a smartphone or computer. Simply text or call a bail bondsman at (786)-500-9999 to receive an access code to get started.


    Learn more about lobstering regulations in Monroe County.

    Regulations for Spearfishing in Monroe County




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