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    Bail Bonds: The Ultimate Convenience!

    Posted on Bail Bond News August 29, 2019 by peter

    There are plenty of reasons why bail bondsmen are helpful to their communities. Bondsmen specialize in providing bail bonds for pretrial inmate release. Bail procedures vary depending upon which county the detained is being held and the type of crime they are accused of.

    florida bail bonds

    What Are Surety Bonds?

    When someone has been arrested in Florida, the usual next step is getting a bail bond for the inmate’s release while waiting for his court hearings. Bail bonds (aka: surety bonds) are backed by a third party insurance company. Bail is typically made possible for misdemeanor and felony crimes involving low-risk offenders. It allows an arrestee to be able to get out of jail for just a fraction of the full amount of bail set by the court. Bail bonds are issued on behalf of defendants with the understanding that they will appear at all court dates.

    How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

    In the event of very serious crimes, bail can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more). The average person accused of a crime does not have that kind of money available. If a defendant is successful at finding a bondsman to issue a bail bond on their behalf, he will be able to be released from jail for much less money. For state bonds the bail bond premium cost 10% of the full bail amount. However, keep in mind that bail paid directly to the court is refundable (minus any court fees) if the defendant succeeds at attending all required court dates and does not violate his release terms. Any money paid to a bail bondsman for a bail bond is non-refundable.

    How Do Bondsmen Help Communities?

    A bail bondsman is frequently the quickest and easiest approach to help bail out your buddy or relative. A bondsman acts as a safety net, in many ways, for both sides. An experienced and reliable bail bond agent will arrange a release quickly for their clients. After the inmate is released, the agent will usually send helpful reminders to his client about court dates to avoid a forfeit or ‘failure to appear’.

    Arrested Due to Addiction or Homelessness

    In situations where the defendant was arrested due to addiction or homelessness, many bail bond agents will help to find treatment programs and shelters once the inmate is released. Under NO circumstances should a bondsman receive any type of compensation for this service (from the client or community program).

    Save Tax Payers Money

    When an inmate is released from jail with the condition of Supervised Release (aka: SOR) the local tax payers are forced to cover the cost to supervise the inmate who has been released. Government law enforcement agents will be required to oversee the defendant while awaiting trial. This is due to the fact that no bail bond was required. If the defendant would have been required to pay a cash bond,  the responsibility of supervising the suspect would have been dependent on the bail bond agency at the expense of the person who was arrested.

    Florida Bail Bonds Agency

    If you or someone you care about has been arrested in Florida and needs to post a bond, Bail Bonds Now will be standing by and ready to serve. Our bail bond agents are licensed, experienced and available to help 24/7. Use our online bail bond system from anywhere and at any time. Just contact an agent to receive an access code.

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