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How To Get a Bail Bond

Posted on Bail Bonds Now December 20, 2016 by admin

The authorities have devised a very efficient way of dealing with criminals while making sure that those accused have a certain amount of control in the situation as well. At any point, when there is a crime committed, the first thing that is done is that the one who committed it is taken under police custody. The point of view of those accused are also considered which has brought out ways for them to be discharged from police custody and act like responsible citizens themselves. The way to go about this is to pay a certain sum of money to the authorities to temporarily get out of the situation. This is called a bail.

The trouble is that bail money can range from a thousand bucks to sometimes over a hundred thousand bucks, how-to-get-a-bail-bonddepending on the degree of crime committed. Now, everybody does not have the kind of financial standard to be able to pay off the entire debt at one go which is the primary rule of a bail. This bail can be paid in cash, assets or a bond.


It is as the mention of a bond that bail bond agencies come into view. Bail bond agencies are those agencies that take care of the entire sum for the criminal defendant in exchange for a very small percentage of non refundable fees for their services. These bail bond agencies need to be contacted by a second party who is acquainted to the criminal defendant. These bail bond agencies sign a surety with the authorities that say that the defendant will be appearing for all the court proceedings on the dates and times as set by the court itself. This way, the bail bond agency is taking responsibility for the defendant’s presence in court. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond agent needs to pay the whole sum of the bail money.

Most criminal defendants are responsible enough to know to dutifully attend all the court dates as set by the court. However, there are some cases, where the defendant believes it is to their benefit to get out of town and go as far away as possible in order to escape the impending punishment. In this case, the bail bond companies have to pay the entire amount of the bail and seeing that the bail money can cost up to a very large sum, the bail companies are set to lose a lot of money.

However, it is to be noted that no bail bond agencies are willing to take the risk to lose the sum of money and thus they always have a bounty hunter under their wing who can track down the accused and use whatever means necessary to either bring the person back for the court proceedings or to pay off the money that the bail bond companies had spent because of their trial to escape. It has been estimated that almost 20% of the accused make a run for it.



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