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    Basic Information on Drug Trafficking Bonds

    Posted on Bail Bonds Services August 30, 2019 by peter

    arrested for drug traffickingWhen it comes to any kind of trafficking case, the original drug trafficking bonds will be set at a high amount. This is due to the fact that the only thing the initial appearance judge will have to base his or her opinion is the arresting officer´s affidavit. If the arresting officer claims that any kind of controlled substance, narcotic or chemical was being trafficked by the accused, it is likely that the bond judge will find that the accused is involved in trafficking illegal and dangerous substances and will set a six figure bond.

    How Much is Bail for Drug Trafficking?

    It is not uncommon with drug trafficking criminal cases to see bond amounts of $250,000. What this means is that in order to get their loved one released from jail, the family members of the accused must be able to come up with a premium of $25,000 to pay a bondsman. The main reason for high trafficking bonds are for starters the fact that the minimum prison time which is mandatory may cause people who naturally are afraid of prison to be high risks of flight.

    How is Bail Determined?

    It is important to remember that a bond judge and a trial judge are two different judges. A bond judge simply addresses the issue of bond; at best it is a thirty second hearing. If there is found to be probable cause for arrest which is determined by the judge after reading over the arresting officer´s affidavit, bond is then set and the case is sent for pre-file to the State Attorney´s office.

    Can Bail Be Reduced?

    If a six figure amount is what the bond is set at, there are ways in which the bond can be reduced. An argument can be presented to the bond judge by a criminal defense attorney who shows the client´s ties to the community, educational background of work history as well as lack of prior offenses. This will show that a client who is established in a community is not likely to flee.

    It is important to remember that ensuring the defendant´s presence in court is the main intent behind monetary bond. There are of course other concerns such as the community’s safety, however most importantly what the court wants is to guarantee that the accused will go to court as they should.

    bondsman for drug trafficking

    What is a Nebbia Hold?

    If you are unable to get your bond reduced by the bond judge, then a trial court judge could have it reduced. However, the trial judge will generally require a nebbia bond (aka: ‘nebbia hold’). This type of bond will provide proof as to where the bond money will be coming from as well as an affidavit explaining its origin. This is to guarantee that proceeds of drug trafficking are not covering the cost of the bond for his release.

    Help for Drug Trafficking Arrests

    If you find that you or someone you love are in need of a bond for drug trafficking, it is important to seek expert, professional assistance. Remember that the process and stipulations in regards to drug trafficking bonds can vary from one state to the next. Having a local expert assist you will guarantee that the process goes as it should.  Call Bail Bonds Now immediately and they can help you. Their offices are in all major cities within South Florida.




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