Basic Information on Drug Trafficking Bonds

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How Much is Bail for Drug Trafficking?

When it comes to any kind of drug trafficking arrest in Florida, most bonds will be set at a high amount. This is due to the fact that the only thing the initial appearance judge will have to base his or her opinion is the arresting officer´s arrest affidavit. If the arresting officer claims that any kind of controlled substance, narcotic or chemical was being trafficked by the accused, it is likely that the magistrate judge will will set a six figure bond.

bail bond for drug trafficking

Bail amounts typically start at around $25,000, but may reach as high as $750,000 (or more). In order to get a pretrial inmate released from jail who has been accused of drug trafficking, a friend or family member of the accused must be able to pay either the full set bail amount by the court or a bail premium (a small portion of the set bail amount) to a licensed, commercial bondsman. The percentage required by a bondsman will depend on what type of offense the arrestee is accused, a state crime or federal crime.

Is Drug Trafficking Considered a State or Federal Crime?

Drug trafficking is classified as both a federal and state crime. However, a majority of defendants who are arrested for drug trafficking in Florida are tried as a state crime because local law enforcement typically are the ones who make the arrest. Various circumstances will cause the offense to become federal, such as:

  • Crossing state lines with illegal prescription drugs
  • Federal law enforcement made the arrest
  • High dollar amounts are involved or money laundering is suspected
  • Suspect was involved in Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Suspect was found with a large quantity of drugs

What Happens When Found Guilty for Drug Trafficking in Florida?

The state of Florida takes drug trafficking offenses very seriously and if the accused is charged with the crime, the law demands a mandatory-minimum prison sentence, hefty fines and long-term probation upon release from prison. In some cases, those charged with drug trafficking will lose real estate property, vehicles, money and other personal assets.

Who Sets Bail?

Bail is set by a magistrate judge after the inmate is booked and fingerprinted. A magistrate judge is nothing like an actual trial court judge. A magistrate judge simply addresses the issue of setting bond amounts after arrests. And the process takes only a few minutes.  If probable cause is found for the arrest and determined by the judge (after reading over the arresting officer´s affidavit), bond is then set and the case is sent for pre-file to the State Attorney´s office.

Is it Possible for Bond Amounts to Be Reduced for Drug Trafficking?

If a bond is set at a six figure amount, there are often ways in which the bond may be reduced. An argument can be presented to the magistrate judge by a criminal defense attorney who demonstrates the defendant’s ties to the community, educational background, work history, as well as his history of prior offenses. The suspect’s history and status within his community is considered when the magistrate judge is deciphering whether or not to release the inmate.  The judge’s top priority is to ensure the defendant with appear for all court dates and also to protect the community.

If you are unable to get your bond reduced by the bond judge, then a trial court judge may be able to get it reduced. Although, the trial judge will generally require proof (aka: nebbia bond) as to where the bond money will be coming from, as well as an affidavit explaining its origin. This is to guarantee that proceeds of drug trafficking are not covering the cost of drug trafficking bonds

If you find that you or someone you care about are in need of assistance on the subject of drug trafficking bonds, it is important to seek expert, professional assistance. Remember that the process and stipulations in regards to drug trafficking can vary from one state. Having a local expert available to assist you will guarantee that the process has the best outcome.

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