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How Bail Bonding and Bounty Hunting Work

Posted on Bail Bonds Services November 23, 2016 by admin

When a person gets charged with a crime, they are taken under police custody so that they attend the court proceedings which are supposed to prove if the accused is guilty of the crime or innocent. However, there is the option of the defendant being released under the condition that they will attend all the court dates as set by the court itself. This release can be made sure of by paying a certain amount of money to the authorities that is decided by the court. This is called bail. A person can pay the bail money in cash, assets or in the form of a bond signed with the authorities.

bail bonds servicesThe amount of the bail depends upon the degree of crime that has been committed and is decided by the court. This sum can even extend to large amounts which are impossible for the common folks to pay at most times. In this situation, bail bond companies are brought into use. The primary function of the bail bond companies is for them to sign a surety vouching for the availability of the accused during the days and times that the court has set to go about the court proceedings to determine the guilt or the innocence of the criminal defendant. Once the bond has been signed, the criminal defendant basically becomes the responsibility of the bail bond agency seeing that it is them that are going to be accountable in case the defendant does not show up for the trial. In that case, these bail bond companies have to pay the entire sum of the bail while the accused is absconding.

Since bailing someone out is a matter of quite a sum of money, it becomes a huge blow to the financial status of the bail bond companies. A company with so much to lose is always expected to walk into any situation with a backup plan. In this case, the backup plan is bounty hunters.

America is one of the few countries that still have the concept of county hunters still going. The man job of bounty hunters is quite similar to what has always been showcased to the public while showing incidents of the Wild West with people on posters wanted in exchange of a certain amount of money (usually a large sum, depending on how wanted the criminal was). However, the current world has a more sophisticated version of it where these bounty hunters are actually trained in order to track down people and bring them to the court or to the bail bond companies.

The bail bond companies charge a non refundable fee in exchange for their services which is almost always a certain small percentage of the bail money. Once a bounty hunter is employed, they are also paid a certain sum from the money that is acquired from the defendant that has been caught to be brought to justice by the court of law for the crime they committed.




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