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    24/7 access

    Pay a bail bond online

    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Help for Arrests in Putnam County

    Getting arrested is almost always one of a person’s most traumatic experiences. In situations where defendants have gotten involved with the wrong friends, have taken a wrong turn due to alcohol or drug addiction or simply have no home, an arrest can often be a crossroad to getting the help they need.

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    When a Fine or Ticket Turns into an Arrest Warrant

    A lot of Florida residents and visitors end up in trouble because they simply don’t review Florida regulations regarding fishing, boating, hunting or traffic laws. Citations or fines aren’t taken seriously and then the person fails to pay the fine or ticket and misses their court date. By then, the person fined or ticketed is issued an arrest warrant.

    Arrested for Drugs

    With the huge drug problem in Florida and throughout the country, drug arrests are becoming very common. Fortunately, for the low risk drug offender, Florida courts will often offer an opportunity to be released with less severe consequences if they agree to enter into a drug rehabilitation program. Bail Bonds Now helps to facilitate placement of inmates into Florida state certified drug programs and youth programs. We offer this service to our clients FREE of charge and do not receive any type of compensation for doing so.

    What is Bail?

    After a suspect has been arrested, fingerprinted and mugshots are taken, (if eligible) an amount of money will be set by either the magistrate judge or a uniform bond schedule for the defendant’s release while awaiting his or her court date(s). In some cases, if the person arrested has not committed a violent crime and doesn’t have a criminal history they may be eligible for pretrial release without a cash bond.

    How is Bail and a Bail Bond Different?

     A bail bond costs only a small percentage of the full set bail amount and is accessible through a licensed state bondsman. For state crimes, a bail bond costs ten percent of the full bail amount. For federal crimes, the bond will cost fifteen percent.

    When a defendant is able and chooses to put up the full bail amount, that money goes to the clerk of court. If the arrestee abides by all requirements from the inmate release, including showing up for all court dates, the bail money is refundable minus any required court fees. However, when the arrestee chooses to use a bail bondsman for his release, that money is not refundable.



    Around the Clock Bail Bonds

    When someone you care about has been arrested in Palatka, Crescent City or anywhere in Putnam County, Bail Bonds Now will be here to help post bond any time, 24/7.  Our online bail bond application is accessible from your smartphone or computer and can be completed and processed from anywhere and at any time. You will simply need to call or text a bail bond agent at (352)-500-9999 to receive an access code.

    Putnam Bail Agents

    All of the bail agents in Putnam at Bail Bonds Now are licensed, experienced and highly reliable. We know that you and the defendant want an inmate release as soon as possible. Our entire staff is professional and treats all of our clients exactly as we would want to be treated. Most inmates are released within two to twelve hours. But our bondsmen will begin the process immediately after receiving payment and the completed application. Call or text an agent right away to get started at (352)-500-9999.

    We strive to be the best bail bonds service across florida,and our clients agree!

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    Obtaining a bail bond has never been easier! Try out our new online bail bonding system - available to you 24/7. Our customers are now able to post bond for a friend or loved one anytime, anywhere - all without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Please click the "Start Now" button below to quickly apply for a bail bond today!

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