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    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Help for Those Arrested in Gulf County FL

    Gulf County is located at the bottom of the Florida Panhandle between Bay and Franklin counties. Due to its location, this county is divided into two different time zones. The north part of the county is on Central Time while the south part is on Eastern Time. However, this confusing schedule has caused some debate within the county’s citizens, including high school students.

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    Gulf County is part of the Panama City, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area and its county seat is Port St. Joe. Residents and visitors come to this area for its serene atmosphere, as it is situated on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Gulf County is an excellent place for salt water fishing, freshwater fishing, boating, snorkeling, seashell hunting and more.

    VIDEO: A Quick Tour of Gulf County


    What Happens When Someone is Arrested in Florida?

    After a suspect is arrested and taken to jail in Gulf County, he or she will be fingerprinted and a mugshot will be taken. Shortly following that procedure, bail will be set by either a magistrate judge or the inmate will be released on bail based on a uniformed bond schedule. Using the bond schedule, a bail amount is determined based on the type of crime committed. Some suspects will not be eligible for release (violent crimes and long criminal histories are usually the reason).

    Can You Bail Yourself Out of Jail?

    Legally, an inmate who has been issued a set bail amount is able to bail himself out if he has the cash on hand. However, in most situations, that is not the case. In some instances, inmates are eligible for supervised release or a release on their own recognizance.

    How Much Does a Bail Bondsman Charge?

    The amount a bondsman charges in Florida is typically 10% for a state bond or 15% for a federal bond. For example, if the court sets bail at $5,000, the bail bonds agent will require $500 for a state crime bond and $750 for a federal crime bond. An fees paid to a bail bond agent is non-refundable.

     Who Can Post Bond for an Inmate?

    Anyone age 18 or older with a valid state ID or passport is able to post bail for a defendant in Florida. This person is referred to as an indemnitor. The indemnitor is responsible for making sure the suspect abides by all pretrial release requirements mandated by the court. This includes attending all court dates until a verdict is reached.

    How Long Does It Take for an Inmate to Be Released After Bond is Posted?

    Once a bondsman posts a bond, it is then up to the jail’s administration to complete the paperwork process. But a Florida pretrial inmate is usually released within two to twelve hours after the bond has been posted.

     24 7 Bail Bonds

     If someone you care about has been arrested in Gulf County, Bail Bonds Now’s online bail bond application will help to make the application and payment process convenient and fast. All of our bail bond agents are licensed, experienced and understand the importance of a quick release. Just call or text a bondsman to receive an access code at (850)-500-9999.

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    Crime in Gulf County

    Even in a serene coastal environment beside the Gulf of Mexico, crime happens. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were a total of 535 arrests in Gulf County in 2018. With a population of 16,499, the total amount of arrests is a considerably low number. Only 28 of those who were arrested were done so for violent crimes. 47 of the arrests were for property crimes and 460 were for part II offenses (i.e. drug possession, driving while under the influence, loitering, etc.)

    To get crime statistics for Port St. Joe or any other municipality in Gulf County, visit sites such as

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