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How To Get a Bail Bond

Posted on Bail Bonds Now August 28, 2019 by peter

How Much is Bail? Bail amounts in Florida can range anywhere from a thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands (and more in some situations) depending on the degree of crime the inmate is accused of. Obviously, most of the people who are arrested do not have that kind of money available. That’s where the benefits […]

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Resisting An Arrest – Not a Good Idea!

Posted on Bail Bonds Now September 10, 2018 by peter

Watch this High Speed Chase Video from Pensacola Florida  When you’re being followed by the police, it’s in your best interest to pull over immediately – for all sorts of reasons. But primarily because the criminal charges will only increase.   Help with Misdemeanor and Felony Bail Bonds Bail Bonds Now in Escambia County will […]

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Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunters

Posted on Bail Bonds Now December 7, 2016 by peter

In movies that concern the Wild West, one has usually seen posters with pictures of people who are “wanted dead or alive” with a certain amount printed beneath the picture. Needless to say, that these scenarios aren’t made out of plain wild fantasies, but have been taken from real life scenarios where state authorities actually […]

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How to get a Bail Bond in West Palm Beach

Posted on Bail Bonds Now September 26, 2016 by peter

Bail Bondsman West Palm Beach There are many ways in which one can get a bail bond for high bail amounts when necessary. Most people in such situations do not know how. One can simply use real property for collateral to help get a bail bond for a high dollar amount. The properties can be […]

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Bail Bonds Now Agents Available and Ready 24/7

Posted on Bail Bonds Now August 16, 2016 by peter

Family members and friends of those arrested in Miami can call Bail Bonds Now to get their loved one out of jail at the earliest possible opportunity. Bail Bonds Now actually offers their services to anyone in Florida. Their main office is located in West Palm Beach but there are many others spread throughout the […]

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