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    Help for Those Arrested in Washington County FL

    Washington County, Florida is located within the Florida Panhandle sitting in the midst of Bay, Gulf, Calhoun, Jackson, Holmes and Walton counties. The county seat of Washington County is Chipley.

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    What to Do if Someone Has Been Arrested?

    When you get a call from someone you care about letting you know they have been arrested in Washington County and need to post a bond, it’s important to find a bondsman you can count on. Bail Bonds Now has been helping with pretrial inmate release in Florida since 2012. All of our bail bond agents are licensed, experienced and treat clients exactly as they would want to be treated. We understand that time is of the essence.

    How Long After Posting Bail is Inmate Released?

    Typically, once a bond has been posted, it takes between two to twelve hours for the defendant to be released from jail. However, Bail Bonds Now’s bondsmen will take-action immediately after the bail bond application has been processed. But after the bond has been posted, it is up to the jail administration to complete the process.

    24 7 Bail Bonds

    Bail Bonds Now will be here to help post bond for an arrest in Washington County at any time, 24/7. Our online bail bond application allows anyone to apply for a bond from anywhere and at any time. All you will need is a smartphone or computer and an access code. Simply text or call a bondsman at (850)-500-9999 to get started.



    Alcohol Laws in Washington County

    Washington County is one of the few Florida counties that do not allow the selling of hard liquor anywhere within the county. Beer and wine are available at businesses with a license to do so; but only between the hours of 7am and 11pm (seven days per week).

    Florida DUI Arrests

    Though the sale of alcohol in Chipley or the surrounding areas is definitely more complex than most other areas in Florida, if someone has been arrested for a DUI in Washington County, they are still going to be dealing with Florida state regulations.

    Florida DUI laws consider legal intoxication of a motorist at a blood alcohol content measuring at .08% or higher. According to an article posted on Business Insider, the amount of alcohol a person can drink to prevent going over the legal limit to drive depends upon the body weight of the person drinking. The type of alcohol is also weighed into consideration.

    The penalties for drinking and driving in Florida are contingent on several factors:

    • How much alcohol the driver has consumed (analyzed by level of blood alcohol content)
    • Did the arrestee refuse to submit to a breathalyzer test?
    • Was anyone injured due to the driver’s alcohol level while behind the wheel?
    • Was any property damaged?
    • Was the driver arrested for a DUI prior to the current arrest? If so, how many times?

    It is typical for Florida courts to allow three failed drunk driving tests to be charged as misdemeanor crimes. Any DUI accumulated after the permitted three are then charged as felony crimes. Nonetheless, in Florida, with just one misdemeanor DUI, most counties have the ability to suspend the arrestee’s driver’s license (for a lengthy time period) and also impose hefty fines, community service, take away the ability to use any vehicle registered in the guilty party’s name, and possibly demand jail time. And, most often, in addition, there will also be costly attorney fees involved throughout the process.



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