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    Online Marijuana Dealer Busted in Palm Beach County

    Posted on Tales of a Bail Bondsman August 27, 2018 by peter

    Probably one of the most ridiculous ways to get arrested for selling marijuana is to create a website offering a full, descriptive menu of your inventory. Right? For most Floridians, that scenario seems to be ludicrous. However, a new resident who had relocated to Florida from Colorado was under the impression that selling marijuana in Florida was now completely legal. Like many newcomers to the state, this man was confused because of the new Florida medical marijuana laws.


    arrested for marijuana in palm beach

    Undercover Narcotics Arrest

    Last spring, one of the deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received a tip about a narcotics dealer in the area who sold large amounts of marijuana and THC products. The officer was also given a phone number to contact the dealer directly and immediately set up a sting operation.

    A Full Menu of Marijuana

    The PBSO deputy immediately contacted the drug dealer and his call was answered on the second ring. The officer then disguised himself as a civilian interested in buying marijuana and some other THC products. The dealer was cordial and without hesitation informed the under-cover deputy that he had a website online where customers could search through a full menu of marijuana and THC products. He suggested his new customer first check out the website to select the specific products he’d like to order and then text him with a list of the specific products he wanted to buy. Once the order was received, the dealer would personally deliver the drugs in his vehicle at a designated, public location.

    The deputy followed the dealer’s instructions precisely. He viewed the online menu and decided upon gummies (marijuana edibles), THC oil, and a half gram vape pen. As directed, the dealer sent his new customer a text message with a breakdown of the cost, a specific time and an address in Boca Raton where the two could meet for the exchange. He pulled money from the Palm Beach Sheriff Office’s investigative funds and documented each bill’s serial number.

    The Exchange

    The undercover officer then contacted two other PBSO deputies and provided them with the specific details about the upcoming drug deal and arranged for them to be at the agreed location before his arrival. As he pulled into the parking lot, the officer felt more confident as he saw his two colleagues parked, ready and waiting. He then selected a place to park, turned off his vehicle, and opened the car door to exit. With one foot over the other, the undercover deputy carefully got out of the car and began walking toward the vehicle described in the earlier text.

    The two deputies on standby were parked across the lot in an unmarked vehicle and remained in full observation of the situation. They watched as the undercover officer approached the dealer’s vehicle and opened the passenger door to enter. Right away, he began to smell a strong stench of marijuana as he opened the dealer’s car door. Nonetheless, the deputy nonchalantly sat in the passenger’s seat and then confirmed the price indicated on the previous text for the pre-ordered drugs. The dealer agreed to the price and handed over one small bottle of THC oil and a bag of gummies to his new customer. Within one minute the entire transaction had been completed. The deputy left the vehicle and returned to his own car. 

    The Quiet Chase

    The dealer didn’t waste any time. As soon as the customer left his vehicle, the suspect started the engine and began pulling out of the parking space. The standby deputies immediately pulled out behind the vehicle as the dealer approached the road entrance, but allowed some distance as they followed. Simultaneously, as the undercover deputy returned to his unmarked car, he began testing the authenticity of the drugs purchased. Within minutes, the products were verified as positive illegal substances.

    Once the deputies following the suspect were notified by the undercover officer that the drug tests were identified as positive, they moved their vehicle up closer behind the dealer’s. Yet, they did not pull the suspect over to arrest him. Continuing on their mission, they crossed the Broward County line and persisted following until the suspect had led them to a private residence.

    online drug dealer

    An Arrest Was Made

    The dealer pulled into the driveway, and the officers immediately turned on their light bar and parked the unmarked vehicle on the side of the road just outside the driveway. The deputies quickly approached the suspect, identified themselves as law enforcement and explained they’d witnessed the undercover drug deal. While the dealer was still trying to grasp what was going on, the deputies made their way into (what was) the suspect’s residence where they discovered a large bag of THC gummies in the garage.

    Countless Florida Marijuana Arrests Due to Confusion

    The new medical marijuana laws have caused both long-term residents, newcomers and tourists to be misled about marijuana and their legal rights in the state of Florida. If someone you care about has been arrested for marijuana in Florida, call or text Bail Bonds Now at  (561)-500-9999 immediately after an arrest. We are experienced, knowledgeable and available 24/7, 365 days per year (including holidays).






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