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When someone is arrested in North Lauderdale for a misdemeanor crime, they will want to have a reliable, licensed bail bondsman by their side immediately following the arrest. Everyone makes mistakes and here in the United States, everyone has a right to bail (depending upon the severity of the crime committed). Although everyone with misdemeanor charges is entitled to be released from jail by posting bail, not everyone can afford to pay the full amount of bail ordered by the judge. For that reason, there are bail bonds.

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How Bail Bonds Work

Bail Bonds provide an affordable way to make bail without having to pay for the entire amount ordered by the court. Bail bondsmen licensed by the state are authorized to put up these surety bonds on behalf of those arrested which guarantee his clients will appear at their scheduled court hearings without fail.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost in Florida?

Is Bail Refundable?

The client’s cost for a bail bond in Florida depends upon the set bail amount by the judge. The accused will pay the bondsman a small percentage of the full bail cost to be released. In most cases it’s 10%. However, if the accused shows up for their court date and stays out of trouble, he or she will be entitled to receive the money back excluding the bail bondsman fees.

What Happens When You Skip Bail?

If you were released from jail on bail, but fail to appear for your scheduled court date that is called ‘bail jumping’ and it holds its own criminal charges. The judge will most likely issue a warrant for your arrest. In addition, if you hire a bail bondsman and don’t show up to court as required, the bondsman is responsible for paying the courts for your full bail amount. Needless to say, it’s best to make sure you are there at the scheduled court hearing.

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Bail Bonds Now provides all hours bail bonds services for North Lauderdale and the entire state of Florida. We have bail bond agents located to assist those who have been arrested in all counties. Call or text us at (954)-500-9999.

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