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Marion County holds a great deal of important Florida history within its rural communities. Horses became a large part of the area’s character in 1943 when a man by the name of Carl G. Rose opened the first horse farm in Ocala. Carl was an engineer who relocated from Indiana to the area for an employment position managing Florida’s first asphalt road project. Since that time, Marion county has been known for its thoroughbred farms, which have been responsible for breeding some of the world’s best racing horses.

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Marion County FL Arrests

There were just under 350,000 residents living in Marion in 2017 according to Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 12,600 arrests took place within the County that same year and a majority of the crimes were non-violent.

If someone you care about has been taken to Ocala jail for a Marion County arrest, Bail Bonds Now is standing by and ready to post bond. Our bail bond agents are licensed, experienced and reliable. Call or text 352-500-9999 anytime, day or night.

For those who are not familiar with the bail bond process, below are some frequently asked questions and answers:

What Does Bail Mean?

Bail is money demanded by a judge in exchange for the release of a person who has been arrested while waiting for his or her court date.

Is Bail Refundable?

 If the person who has been arrested meets all requirements while out on bail and shows up as required for their court hearings, cash bail money is refundable minus court fees, prosecutor fees or any other fees demanded by the judicial system. However, if the defendant does not appear in court as scheduled or abide by the rules, the bail money will be forfeited.

How Do Bonds Work?

More times than not, paying the full amount of bail to the courts to be released from jail is unattainable. Fortunately, there are surety bonds allowing arrestees to pay only a portion of the bail amount in order to be released. In order to obtain a surety bond, you simply contact a nearby local bail bondsman who is legally licensed in Florida. Typically, a bail bonds company charges 10% of the full bail amount for a state bond and 15% for a federal bond. Money paid to a bondsman is non-refundable.

How Do I Bail Someone Out of Jail?

The bail bond process is simple. Anyone of legal age (over 18) with a state I.D. is eligible to bond someone out of jail. At Bail Bonds Now, we offer an online bail bond application making it easy to complete the process from anywhere at any time using a smartphone or any computer device. It only takes about 20 minutes and payments can also be made online with a credit or debit card. You will need to call or text an agent at (352)-500-9999 before beginning the online form to receive an access code and password for entry.

How Long Does It Take for an Inmate to Be Released After Posting a Bond?

After the bail bond paperwork has been processed and payment has been made, it will take approximately six to eight hours for the inmate to be released from jail. Although our agents post bond immediately upon payment, it is up to the judicial system to complete the release process.

For the fastest inmate release, it’s best you call or text a bond agent immediately after the arrest.

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 Marion County Jail Inmate Locator


Directions to Marion County Jail in Ocala

700 NW 30th Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34475

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