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    Pay a Little Havana Bail Bond Online

    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Little Havana USA

    Little Havana is a neighborhood located in the downtown Miami area near Marlins Park. Since the 1960s, this community had been called home by many of the people who had migrated to the United States from Cuba and Central and South America regions. However, by the late 1970s, much of the Cuban population had decreased (most likely due to the Colombian Drug Wars that took place at that time).

    bail bonds in little havana

    Today, the area is popularly known around the world and frequently visited by those who are either from the same culture or similar. The South River Drive Historic District within Little Havana was created in 1987 and is listed with the National Register of Historic Places.

    VIDEO: The Rhythm of Little Havana

    Crime in Little Havana Miami Beach

    Drugs and gang wars with out-of-control shootings have been a problem in Little Havana for decades, as well as other inner-city areas in Miami Gardens. The problems were rapidly increasing up until recently when the City of Miami began diligently working on finding ways to help bring peace back into the neighborhoods. In the video below from March of 2018, you can see how efforts began to demolish old and abandoned houses in the neighborhoods which were being used by drug dealers.

    Little Havana Crime Stats

    Just last summer, there were five shootings in the Miami Gardens area within less than a two-week span and all were suspected to be related to gang wars.  The new Mayor of Miami, Oliver Gilbert, and the Miami police chief were determined to take on this battle and began taking new measures to tackle the gang violence. An effort that wasn’t going anywhere before the new mayor took office.

    VIDEO: City of Miami Demolishes Drug Homes in Little Havana

    In April of last year, Miami-Dade County also made huge efforts to clean up Miami Gardens neighborhoods, including problems within the Allapattah neighborhood. After two years of investigations and a struggle to tackle the gang war crimes in the Gwen Cherry Housing Complex, fourteen people were arrested and accused of a long list of criminal charges, including drug trafficking, racketeering, robbery, firearm use, murder and other violent crimes.

    VIDEO: Miami Gardens Mayor Leading the Way in the Fight Against Crime

    VIDEO: Multi-Agency Bust in Allapattah Miami

    24/7 Miami Dade County Bail Bonds

    If you or someone you care about is dealing with a Little Havana arrest, or anywhere in Dade County, Bail Bonds Now provides around-the-clock bail bond services. We have added to our site an easy-to-use online bond application that may be completed using a smartphone or any computer device. You will just need to text or call a bondsman at (786)-500-9999 to receive an access code to get started. Bail bond payments may also be made with a debit or credit card on the online form as well.


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    Defendants Struggling with Addiction

    With today’s opioid epidemic and rampant street gangs in the inner cities, sometimes an arrest for someone who is struggling with addiction or being pressured by peers can be helpful to get the defendant the treatment he or she needs. Bail bonds agents at Bail Bonds Now do what we can to help direct clients to state certified addiction facilities and WE DO NOT RECEIVE ANY TYPE OF COMPENSATION FOR THIS SERVICE.


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