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    Pay a Indian River County Bail Bond Online

    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Help for Those Arrested in Indian River County

    Indian River County is one of the most northern counties in South Florida. Back in 1930, only 6,724 people were living in the county, but the area has seen a massive increase in new residents each new year since.  By 2017, just under 149,000 people were counted living in Indian River with 5,486 arrests.  Amazingly, the number of Indian River County arrests in 2017 was only a slight increase from 2005.

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    When is Bail Set?

    After someone has been arrested in Florida, they are taken to a local county jail. Upon arrival, the arrestee is booked with fingerprints, mugshots and a statement collected. Afterwards, if eligible for pretrial release, the defendant is offered a set bail amount in exchange for his release while waiting for his court date(s).

    How Much of Bail Do You Pay?

    If the inmate has the financial means, he may pay the full bail amount directly to the court clerk. Once the defendant has appeared at all required court hearings, the bail amount is refundable minus any court fees. In most cases, inmates are not able to pay the full bail amount. That’s where bail bonds save the day.

    How Does Posting a Bail Bond Work?

    Unlike the requirement of the court, a bail bondsman offers the defendant the ability to get out of jail for a small portion of the full bail amount with a surety bond. The surety bond (aka: bail bond) is a legal note that promises to pay the full bail amount if the defendant does not meet all pretrial requirements (i.e. attending all court dates and staying out of trouble).

    In Florida, the cost for a bail bond is 10% of the full bail amount set by the court for a state bond. Any money paid to a bail bonds agent is non-refundable. For instance, if the full bail amount is $2,000, a state bond will cost $200.

    How to Bail Someone Out of Jail

    Anyone age 18 and over with a valid ID or passport is able to bail a pretrial inmate out of jail. This person is referred to as the indemnitor. The indemnitor is very similar to a co-signor on a loan. With bail, the responsible party is to help make sure the person who was arrested makes it to all required court dates and abides by all pretrial release requirements.

    The bail application process takes about 30 minutes. At Bail Bonds Now, we provide an online bail bond application and payment system allowing you to apply for and pay for a bond from anywhere at any time using a smartphone or computer. You will just need to text or call a bondsman to receive an access code to get started.

    24 Hour Bail Bonds – Ready and Waiting

    If someone you care about has been arrested in Vero Beach, Sebastian or anywhere in Indian River County, you can count on the bail bondsmen with Bail Bonds Now. Our bail bond offices are open 24/7 – 365 days per year, including holidays. All of our bail agents are licensed, experienced and reliable. Call or text the bail hotline at (772)-500-9999 immediately following an arrest for the fastest release.

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    Avoid Tickets and Arrests for Florida Fishing andWildlife Violations

    Florida Fish and Wildlife Rules

    We strive to be the best bail bonds service across florida,and our clients agree!

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