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    Pay a Hendry County Bail Bonds online

    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Help for Arrests in Hendry County

    Hendry County is located southwest of Lake Okeechobee and one of the more rural areas within South Florida. LaBelle and Clewiston are the more familiar communities within the county. The area is popularly known for freshwater fishing and farming.

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    Since the 1950s, the land became an invaluable resource for growing sugar cane, citrus, vegetables and raising cattle.  U.S. Sugar Corporation dominates much of the land and is the largest sugar cane producer in the United States.

    The City of LaBelle (aka: ‘The Bell of the Caloosahatchee’) is a community situated in the northwestern part of the county and also known as the county seat. But one of the most popular entertainment venues within the area is Hendry County Motorsports Park and found in Clewiston.

    How to Post Bail

    Getting someone out of jail in Florida is not a difficult process. Anyone age 18 and over with a valid ID or passport has the capability of bailing out an inmate. This person is referred to as an indemnitor and is responsible for making sure that the defendant appears at all required court dates in exchange for their pretrial inmate release.


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    Apply for a Bail Bond Online

    Bail Bonds Now understands the importance of getting inmates released quickly. Our bail bond agents are experienced, reliable and fast. You can use the online bail bond application from anywhere and at any time using a smartphone or computer. If you’re planning to pay for a bond with a debit or credit card, the bail bond payment may also be taken care of with our online form. Just call or text a bail agent to request an access code to get started at (561)-500-9999.


    24 Hour Bondsman

    All of our bail bondsmen at Bail Bonds Now are licensed through the state of Florida, experienced and knowledgeable of how the county jails operate and completely reliable. A bail bond agent will always be standing by and ready to post bond 24/7, 365 days per year (including all holidays). Call or text an agent at (561)-500-9999.

    Crime in Hendry County

    Although much of the area in Hendry seems to be filled with wide open spaces, the county has experienced its share of crime including murder. With the lake and so much of a wilderness atmosphere, too often areas like Hendry County tend to reveal corpses left from some form of foul play. These bodies sometimes show up in the lake, behind trees or sometimes out in the open only to be discovered after sunrise. Many times, these crimes had been committed elsewhere.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported that with a population of 39,057 in 2017, Hendry County had dealt with 2761 arrests that year.  Only 99 of those arrests were supposedly classified as violent crimes.


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