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    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Help for Those Arrested in Franklin County

    Franklin County is located at the bottom of the Florida Panhandle below Gulf, Liberty and Wakulla counties. In 1832, the county was named after one of America’s own forefathers, Benjamin Franklin. Apalachicola is the county seat.

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    The area is known as one of the least populated counties within the state. Large preservations and rivers fill much of its jurisdiction, such as Tate’s Hell State Forest, the Carrabelle River and the Apalachicola River. The Apalachicola River is Florida’s largest river and has been classified as ‘the most endangered river in the United States’ due to withdrawals, improper maintenance and disruptions.

    Among the county’s favorite spots, residents and visitors enjoy visiting the riverfront at the Carrabelle River Walk & Wharf. There are historical landmarks, fishing piers and cleaning stations, wildlife sculptures, tables for picnicking and more.

    VIDEO: St. George Island and Carrabelle


    When Someone is Arrested in Franklin County

    If someone you care about has been arrested in Carrabelle or anywhere in Franklin, anyone who is age 18 or over with a valid state ID or official passport is eligible to act as an indemnitor to bail someone out of jail. However, keep in mind that the indemnitor is responsible for making sure the defendant shows up for all required court dates until a verdict has been made.

     How Do Bonds Work to Get Out of Jail?

    When someone is arrested, a magistrate judge (or a uniform bond schedule) determines a set bail amount for the defendant’s release while waiting to appear in court. If eligible for bail, the arrestee can choose to either pay the full amount to the court clerk directly or to find a bail bondsman nearby who will arrange a pretrial release for just a small percentage of the full bond amount.

    How Much is a Bail Bond?

    Typically, a bail bonds service charges ten percent of the full set bail amount for a state crime and fifteen percent for a federal crime. For example, if the judge sets a full bail amount for $5,000, the cost for a bond would be $500 for a state bond and $750 for a federal bond. In some cases, a pretrial defendant will be released without a cash bond if they are eligible for supervised release (SOR) or a release on their own recognizance (OR).  However, there will be many stipulations (and fees) which will accompany these types of inmate release. NOTE: Any fees paid to a bail bond agent are non-refundable.



    24 Hour Bail Bonds

    Bail Bonds Now has been serving the state of Florida with non-stop bail bond services since 2012. All of our bail bond agents are licensed, highly experienced and fast. We understand the importance of a quick release.




    Post Bail Online

    Our online bail bond application form allows you to apply for a bail bond and make a payment from anywhere at any time using a smartphone or computer. We accept debit and credit cards.  Simply text or call a bondsman at  (850)-500-9999 to receive an access code.


    Crime in Franklin County

    Having a small population in a more rural area (more often than not) concludes a low crime rate. The last crime statistics report provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2017 indicated there were a total of 878 arrests county wide.  Only 26 of those arrests were for violent crimes; 65 of the arrests were for property crimes and 787 of those arrested were for part II offense crimes (i.e. drug possession, loitering, etc.) The population in Franklin that year was counted at 12,161 residents.

    To get a more up-to-date report on crime data for Carrabelle or any city within Franklin County, visit sites such as


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