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    Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunters

    Posted on Bail Bonds Now December 7, 2016 by peter

    In movies that concern the Wild West, one has usually seen posters with pictures of people who are “wanted dead or alive” with a certain amount printed beneath the picture. Needless to say, that these scenarios aren’t made out of plain wild fantasies, but have been taken from real life scenarios where state authorities actually put up posters of wanted criminals when they do not have the necessary resources to hunt down the criminals. These wanted posters are then pursued by tough people who are called the bounty hunters. They travel far and wide to track down the wanted criminals and bring them to the authorities in return of the promised sum and this is how bounty hunters earn their living.

    bounty hunter bail bonds nowThe picture described above was a crude image of how it worked in a community where the authority wasn’t fully functioning and the population was stipulated to a minimum number of people. In the present world, however, the concept of bounty hunters is much more refined. These bounty hunters are not just tough people trying to earn a living by tracking down criminals (which admittedly is the basic nature of their work) but now there is more to it than that. These bounty hunters are professionally and specially trained in order to be able to do a swifter, cleaner and better job at tracking down criminals. These bounty hunters are employed by bail bond companies.

    Bail bond companies are companies that help the accused pay off the bail that is required for them to be released from police custody. The bail money is to ensure that the accused show up for the court dates as assigned by the authority. Since most criminals do not have the money that is required for the bail, they turn to the bail bond companies to do their bidding. These bail bond companies then pay the bail for the moment, charging the defendant a very small percentage of the entire sum which is non-refundable. Once all the court dates has been attended to by the defendant, the money will be returned to the accused and the bail bond company will have gotten their salary in the form of the non refundable fee.

    The need of bounty hunters arises when these defendants decide to act their own way and opt for the easy way out, not knowing that the easiest ways almost always has the most dangerous outcomes. Bounty hunters are given a certain percentage of the entire sum as a reward for their efficient work. The more the sum of the bail has been set, the more is the income of both the bail bond companies and the bounty hunters. The need for bounty hunters is only at a situation where the accused tries to skip town instead of appearing on all the court dates as set by the authorities. It has been estimated that at least twenty percent of the accused people tend to find it easier to make a run for it the moment they get off jail.




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