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    Would Reagan Have Agreed with Trump’s Wall?

    Posted on Bail Bond News January 14, 2019 by peter

    trump wall news

    The Criminal Justice Reform Act of 1982

    This historical video captured President Reagan’s speech at the Miami Citizens Against Crime event that took place on November 17, 1982. In his speech, he demonstrated his appreciation and encouragement for the Miami-Dade community’s perseverance in fighting back against the drug wars and organized crime that had become a huge problem since the end of the 1970s.

    President Reagan Commends and Encourages Miami-Dade for their Efforts to Stop Organized Drug Crime

    Fight Back Against Crime (the original plan)

    Another article on CQ Almanac, also from 1982, Presidential Statement: Reagan on Crime Legislation’,  was President Reagan’s September 13 message to Congress proposing legislation to reform the criminal justice system. In his speech, again, he stresses the importance of fighting back against crime in America.

    While watching this video, it seemed that the concern about ‘out-of-control’ crime was mutually important for everyone present. There were no protestors present screaming negative remarks from the background. And there’s no doubt that the crime problem in 1982 was not as severe as what our country is facing today. So, why is it that our current government cannot come to an agreement about funding and building a wall that will surely improve protection. It can no longer be about money because Americans have already shown their willingness to help fund the wall with their own money if necessary.  So, what is the real opposition?

    What Would Reagan Do? (WWRD)

    Ronald Reagan is not here today to express an opinion about whether or not he would agree to building a great wall to help defend our country from some of the worst criminals in the world making their way in. But many of the historical news articles he left behind do express his opinion on the matter enough that he would have been willing to do whatever it took to protect American citizens from dangerous criminals.

    “Crime is clearly one of the most serious problems we face today. Crime – and the fear of crime – affect the lives of most Americans. Government’s inability to deal effectively with crime diminishes the public’s confidence in our system of government as a whole.”

    Is the U.S. Government for the Protection of its Citizens – or for its Criminals?

    As Reagan continued, he added, “In recent years, through actions by the courts and inaction by Congress, an imbalance has arisen in the scales of justice. The criminal justice system has tilted too decidedly in favor of the rights of the criminal and against the rights of society.”

    “It is time to restore the balance – and to make the law work to protect decent law-abiding citizens.”

    On September 14, 1982 in a news article from the New York Times, ‘Reagan Offers Bill to Tighten Rules on Criminal Defendants. Reagan proposed that Congress would pass three measures that he said would make it “more likely that those who commit crimes pay a price.”

    1. Federal courts would limit the insanity defense
    2. Revise the rule excluding illegally obtained evidence from criminal trials
    3. Restrict defendants’ ability to obtain Federal court review of convictions returned in state courts

    Was Reagan Against Allowing Immigrants into the United States?

    With Reagan’s support, Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. This bill allowed unauthorized aliens the opportunity to apply and gain legal status if they met mandated requirements. Therefore, the bill makes it quite clear that our late president was for allowing immigrants into our country if they went through all of the required steps necessary to do so.

    Reagan’s view on immigration is exactly the same as Donald Trump’s. It’s not that Trump does not like people from other countries. Our current president simply is looking out for what’s best for our country and its citizens.

    Are Open Borders Really a Threat to Our Country?

    If you are convinced that illegal immigrants are not the largest crime threat in our country, read this article from The Hill. ‘The Truth About Crime, Illegal Immigrants and Sanctuary Cities‘. This piece was written by Ryan Martinelli, a forensic criminologist and former detective who investigated violent crimes within the immigrant communities. Martinelli quickly states within the article, “Previous administrations have deliberately kept Americans in the dark about illegal immigrant crimes.

    What’s your opinion?





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