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    Bail Reform – In the News

    Posted on Bail Bond News August 17, 2018 by peter

    States around the country are taking their chances with bail reform and the consequences have caused hardship for many. For example, New Jersey’s Criminal Justice Reform Act (Bail Reform) is dangerous, unfunded, and is releasing offenders with no accountability. Help protect our communities and TAKE ACTION by emailing or calling your legislators and elected officials to urge them keep bail bonds.


    bail bonds west palm beach

    Homeless Man Randomly Attacks 6-Yr-Old Boy in Queens 

    -October 11, 2019 –

    Queens child attacked due to bail reform initiatives

    LITTLE FALLS, NY: Senator James L. Seward Column ‘Keep Our Communities Safe’

    -March 9, 2019 –

    New York Senator James L. Seward

    HOUSTON, TX: Bail Reform Ideas Let Dangerous Criminals Go FREE

    -February 24, 2019 –

    truth about houston bail reform

    NH Law Enforcement Call for Changes to State’s 6-Month-Old Bail Reform Law

    – February 19, 2019 –

    new hampshire bail reform



    NEW YORK – Sheriffs Say Bail Has Role in Protecting Communities

    – February 18, 2019 –

    new york bail reform

    NEW MEXICO: Alarming Number of Suspects are No Shows at Court

    – January 29, 2019 –

     new mexico bail reform news

    CALIFORNIA: The Cops Let Him Out On His Own Recognizance and He Killed a 66 Year Old Woman  

    – December 18, 2018 –

     bail reform news

    A Warning from New Mexico’s, Governor Susana Martinez,  About the Devastating Results of Bail Reform 

    Bail Out: Rape Suspect Among 100s of Arrestees Freed from Jail with Help from Mayor’s Aid

    – October 16, 2018 –

    new orleans bail reform

    When Bail Reform Means You Bail on Returning to Court

    – October 10,2018 – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

     atlanta bail reform news

    California Ended Cash Bail. Why Are So Many Reformers Unhappy About It?

    – August 29, 2018 – Politico Magazine

     California Bail Reform

    New Jersey Bail Reform Releases Man Who Kills Baby The Very Next Day

    July 31, 2018 – Texas Alliance For Safe Communities

    new jersey bail reform not working


    Springfield Couple Accused of Murdering 4-Month-Old Son Granted Release

    July 24, 2018 – Burlington County Times

     Problems with NJ Bail Reform

    The Good News: N.J. Bail Overhaul is Working. The Bad News: It’s Already Going Broke

    February 12, 2018 –


    Williamstown NJ Man Arrested on Child Porn Distribution Charges FREE TO GO Under New Jersey Bail Reform 

    – January 21, 2018 – US Bail Reform News



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