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TRUE CRIME: The Lobster Boy Murders

Posted on Tales of a Bail Bondsman January 31, 2019 by admin

A small town along the coast in the Tampa Bay, Florida area called Gibsonton was once a winter haven for circus performers (aka: ‘circus freaks’) and where the International Independent Showmen’s Association was planted. Gibsonton was one of the few places in the country with zoning to accommodate keeping circus animals on residential property. The […]

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Online Marijuana Dealer Busted in Palm Beach County

Posted on Tales of a Bail Bondsman August 27, 2018 by Peggy DiPirro

Probably one of the most ridiculous ways to get arrested for selling marijuana is to create a website offering a full, descriptive menu of your inventory. Right? For most Floridians, that scenario seems to be ludicrous. However, a new resident who had relocated to Florida from Colorado was under the impression that selling marijuana in […]

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