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    You will be able to apply for your bail bond directly online without needing to come into our office - available to you 24/7.

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    Help for Those Arrested in Jefferson County

    Jefferson County is located along the Florida Panhandle just east of Tallahassee. It is the only county in the state that reaches all of the way north to the Florida/Georgia line and also extends all of the way south to the Gulf Coast. Jefferson is a great place to live or visit for anyone who enjoys a more rural environment that is still within a reasonable driving distance to the larger metro areas.

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    The county seat of Jefferson County is Monticello and has been labeled the ‘Most Haunted Town in the South’ with spooky walking tours available, including a former opera house, jail museum, bed and breakfast inns and more. Obviously, Monticello is enjoyed by many during the Fall season.

    What Does Bail Mean?

    Bail is the amount of money demanded by a magistrate judge or uniform bond schedule in order for an inmate to be released while waiting for his court hearing(s). In Florida, most counties use bond schedules that suggest to the court an amount based on the type of crime the suspect has been accused of. However, a judge has the option to increase or decrease that amount based on his discretion. In most cases, it is difficult for an inmate to pay the full bond amount required by the court and that is where a bail bondsman can help out. In some instances, an inmate may be eligible for supervised release.

    What is a Bail Bond and How Does it Work?

    A bail bond is a surety bond which allows an inmate to pay a small portion of the full bail amount demanded by the court. It is up to the bondsman as to whether or not he wants to commit to a bond for an inmate’s release. The defendant’s criminal history and his ability to flee help the bondsman to decide.

    An indemnitor (friend or family member of the inmate) usually will apply for a bail bond and then will take responsibility for making sure the defendant appears at all required court dates. A bail bond for a state crime is typically ten percent of the full bail amount. For example, if the court requires bail in the amount of $5000, the bail bond agent will charge $500 for a state bond. Any money paid to the bail bondsman is non-refundable.

    Can You Pay Bail with a Credit Card?

    Most bail bond agencies in Florida accept credit card payments. At Bail Bonds Now, we provide an online bond application that may be completed from anywhere and at any time on our website. You may also pay for a bond online with the service. If you or someone you care about has been arrested in Jefferson County, simply call or text a bail agent to receive an access code to get started at (850)-500-9999. We are available 24/7.


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    Crime in Jefferson County

    Unlike busier metro areas in Florida, Jefferson County has that small-town feel and does not experience a lot of crime. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported in 2018 there were 14,733 residents living in the county with a total of 404 arrests. Among those arrests were 39 for violent crimes, 62 for property crimes and 303 for part II offense arrests (i.e. DUIs, drug possession, loitering, etc.).

    To find out about more up-to-date crime statistics in Monticello and other communities within the area, visit sites such as

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