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    Help for Those Arrested in Jackson County FL

    Jackson County was founded and named after General Andrew Jackson in 1822. It is located at the top of Florida along the northwestern border of the Alabama / Florida state line. Jackson holds a hefty amount history, but significantly during and after the American Civil War.

    The area originally was developed with cotton plantations by Americans who had migrated from Europe. However, after the Civil War, Jackson County was attacked by Confederate veterans. As a result, the land within the area was badly damaged causing economic ruin for those who remained.

    The City of Marianna was established in 1828 and eventually became the location of an ugly Civil War battle that took place in 1864. And violence continued for many years within the county (even after reconstruction from previous battles).

    How to Bail Someone Out of Jail

    Getting arrested is not something most people want to think about until it happens. For that reason, a majority of friends and family members are often confused about how to go about getting someone out of jail.

    Bailing someone out of jail in Florida is a simple process. Anyone age 18 or over with a active state ID or valid passport has the ability to do so. This person is referred to as the ‘indemnitor’ and completes the paperwork process and makes payment for the person who has been arrested.

    The indemnitor is very similar to a co-signor on a loan and is responsible for making sure the defendant shows up for all required court dates until his case is resolved.

    How Much is a Bail Bond?

    Unlike the full bail amount set by the county magistrate, a bail bond only costs a small percentage of the set bail amount. A bail bond agent charges just 10% of the full bail amount for a state bond. For example, if the bond amount is set at $4000 for a state bond, the bondsman will charge $400 for a state bond as the bond premium.

    The bail bondsman submits a surety bond to the jail, which is a legal note promising to pay the full amount of bail demanded by the court if the defendant fails to comply with his pretrial release requirements. NOTE: If the defendant does not abide by all pretrial release requirements, he will be sent back to jail. Needless to say, his situation will have only been made worse. This is why it is imperative the indemnitor do his or her part by making sure the defendant abides by all rules while the suspect is out on inmate release.

    How Long Does it Take for an Inmate to Be Released?

    Once the bail bond application and payment has been processed, a reliable bail bonds agent will post the bond immediately. After the bond has been submitted to the jail it typically takes between two and twelve hours for the inmate to be released.

    24 Hour Bondsman

    Bail Bonds Now understands how traumatic an arrest can be for both the inmate, as well as those friends and family members who care.ll of Bail Bonds Now’s bail bond agents are licensed, experienced and treat clients the way we would want to be treated. Our online bail bond application provides the ability for friends and family to complete the entire bail bond application from anywhere using a smartphone or computer device. Credit and debit card payments are also available within the form. You will just need to call or text a bondsman at (904)-500-9999 to receive an access code.




    HISTORICAL: The Florida School for Boys

    Marianna is also remembered for The Florida School for Boys (aka: Dozier School for Boys). This was the largest juvenile reform school in the USA from 1900 to 2011. After a long list of allegations of extreme abuse during the school’s history, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice performed thorough investigations. The school was later closed in June 30, 2011. After the school was shut down, a thorough investigation was then performed by the University of South Florida on the school grounds and throughout the cemetery.

    VIDEO: The Truth Behind the Dozier School for Boys


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