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A bail bondsman is someone many people find themselves desperately needing unexpectedly. Often times, someone is arrested for doing something they didn’t even know was breaking the law. In South Florida there are a lot of sportsmen who find themselves in trouble for breaking fishing, lobstering or hunting laws. In other circumstances, such as domestic violence or driving under the influence, the person knew it was illegal, but wasn’t thinking clearly. And finally, there are those who forgot about a traffic violation or some other municipal citation.

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How to Get Out of Jail Fast

Whatever the reason for an arrest, no one wants to spend more time in jail than absolutely necessary. And we can thank our country’s Constitution for our ability to be granted bail.  When you are put into a position where you are behind bars and at the mercy of someone other than yourself to get you out of jail, you’ll want to make sure you choose someone with experience, qualifications and a positive review history.  Obviously, that person will be an experienced and licensed bail bond agent who has been in business in the area for several years.

What is a Bail Bond Agent?

Bail Bond agents provide the court surety bail bonds on behalf of someone accused of a crime in exchange for their release while awaiting a court hearing. The bonds are put in place of the full bail amount as a guarantee that the defendant will be sure to appear in court as scheduled. The cost for a bail bond is usually 10% of the full amount of bail set by the judge for state crimes and 15% for federal.

Who Can Bail Someone Out of Jail?

Anyone over age 18 with a state ID or U.S. Passport is eligible to contact a bail bondsman, complete the paperwork and make payment for the person who is incarcerated. This person is referred to as the indemnitor and would be taking on the responsibility with the bail bondsman to make sure the defendant appears in court as ordered by the judge. 

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How Long After Bail Is Posted Are You Released?

If you find a bail bondsman who operates 24 hours a day and he or she is contacted immediately following an arrest and the bond paperwork is completed quickly, it’s common for the person who was arrested to be released within two to eight hours after completing the booking process. The more experienced the bondsman, the more smoothly the release from jail will be.

What Happens if You Skip Bail?

If the defendant does not show up for his or her court hearing as demanded by the judge prior to posting bail, this creates havoc for everyone who was involved with the bail bond, including the client who didn’t show up to their court date, the indemnitor and the bondsman. The bail now must be paid in full to the court and the defendant more than likely has a new criminal charge has been filed against them and a new warrant issued for their arrest.

Don’t waste time! Call or text Bail Bonds Now at (954)-500-9999 to begin the bail bond process with our online form. We have been serving individuals and families with bail bond assistance since 2012. Our agents are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year!


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