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is bail reform working in new mexico

The Truth About Bail Reform in New Mexico

New Mexico’s bail reform program was passed in February of 2016 and went into effect in July of 2017. The state’s crime rate had already been extremely high for years prior to implementing the...

April 10,2019adminadmin
Bail reform in Baltimore

The Truth About Bail Reform in Maryland

Maryland implemented the Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council (JRCC) on May 19, 2016 and joined with thirty-three other states within the USA who have chosen to revamp their criminal justice...

April 10,2019adminadmin
new jersey bail reform

The Truth About Bail Reform in New Jersey

New Jersey was the first state to remove cash bail and though news articles continue to be written patting the brave judicial system on the back, they do not have the monetary funds to maintain...

April 9,2019adminadmin
how is bail set

How Is Bail Determined in Florida?

A defendant must first be brought before a magistrate judge within 24 hours of an arrest for what is called a ‘first appearance’ or ‘magistrate hearing’. If the arrestee is accused of a...

April 9,2019adminadmin
money bail discussion

VIDEO: The Role of Monetary Bail

Professor Alex Tabarrok with Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics, Center for Political Economy at George Mason University discusses the role of monetary bail in the United State’s criminal...

March 19,2019adminadmin
lobster man

TRUE CRIME: The Lobster Boy Murders

A small town along the coast in the Tampa Bay, Florida area called Gibsonton was once a winter haven for circus performers (aka: ‘circus freaks’) and where the International Independent Showmen’s...

January 31,2019adminadmin
criminals caught on camera in broward county

Crime in Broward County

Videos of Crimes Captured on Video in Broward County WANTED BY HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA POLICE NEED TO IDENTIFY: This suspect passed the clerk a note demanding money and lifted his sweatshirt revealing...

January 24,2019adminadmin
trump wall news

Would Reagan Have Agreed with Trump’s Wall?

The Criminal Justice Reform Act of 1982 This historical video captured President Reagan’s speech at the Miami Citizens Against Crime event that took place on November 17, 1982. In his...

January 14,2019adminadmin
true crime podcast

‘Felonious Florida’ True-Crime Podcast

If you’re into true crime stories, you will enjoy this podcast series from the SunSentinel about some of the most horrific crimes in Florida.     CRIME NEWS: Tales of a Bondsman...

December 21,2018adminadmin
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