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    How A Bail Bondsmen Can Get You Out Of Jail

    Posted on Bail Bond News January 23, 2017 by peter

    Bail bondsmen are not important to anyone until someone needs to be released from jail unexpectedly. These licensed professionals specialize in assisting with all types of bail bonds. Finding a reliable and experienced bondsman is imperative for a smooth release. And selecting an agent who also empathizes with his clients is not only helpful for the defendant, but also to the family dealing with the paperwork process.

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    When someone is arrested in Florida, he will be transported to the county jail and mugshots and fingerprint will be taken. Next, a statement will be collected from the arrestee. Once that process has been competed, the suspect will be granted bail if eligible. Unless the defendant has the full amount of bail set by the judge available on hand, the usual next step is finding an indemnitor to apply for a bail bond (aka: surety bond) for the inmate’s release.

    Surety bonds are available at a much lower rate because it’s backed by an outside source, as opposed to the complete cash value demanded for a full bond by the court system.

    Why Use a Bondsman?

    An attorney has the ability to assist with bailing someone out of jail, but for those who have not already established legal counsel, contacting a bondsman is the next best move. Again, the bail bond premium is just a small portion of the full bail amount. For state bonds, the bail bonds agency will charge 10% of the full bail amount and 15% for a federal bond. However, any money paid to a bondsman will be non-refundable. Also, the bail agents at a bail bond agency are more familiar with the inmate release process within the jails and usually have a rhythmic system in place which results in a faster release.

    Who Can Bail Someone Out of Jail?

    An indemnitor (person applying for a bail bond on the behalf of a defendant) can be anyone who is age 18 or over with a valid state ID or official passport. This person is very similar to a co-signor on a loan and takes on the responsibility to ensure the defendant will appear at all required court dates. Online bail bond systems make it more convenient for the indemnitor to apply for a bail bond and make the payment. The entire process may be completed using a smartphone or computer.

    How Soon Should You Contact a Bail Bond Agent?

    It’s smart to get in touch with a bail bond agent immediately following an arrest to speed up the process as much as possible.  But most experienced agents will begin working on the release as soon as the application and payment has been processed.

    Bail Bonds Now is available 24/7 in Florida to help post bond for an inmate release. Text or call an agent to get started at a location near you.


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