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    Archive for Bail Bond News

    4 Things You Need to Know Before Co-Signing a Bail Bond

    Posted on Bail Bond News February 7, 2020 by peter

    When someone you care about has been arrested, you will do whatever you can to get them out. This is why most of the time, people’s intense emotions and reactions can lead to misguided decisions. In order to get your loved one out of jail, you may be asked to pay bail. It can be […]

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    Florida Man Finally Behind Bars for Animal Cruelty Charges After Eluding Court System for Over 5 Years

    Posted on Bail Bond News December 3, 2019 by peter

    Marcus Brown, 32, of Delray Beach was arrested on November 11th this year, after more than five years of eluding officers and the Palm Beach County court system since he was arrested in 2014 for Animal Cruelty and Abandonment or Confinement. According to Palm Beach County Court public records, an anonymous complaint was reported to […]

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    Drug Trafficker with Criminal History Released on SOR in Palm Beach County

    Posted on Bail Bond News November 26, 2019 by peter

    Johari Deonte Harold, age 37, from Belle Glade, is among the most recent defendants who have been wrongfully released on Supervised Own Recognizance (SOR) in Palm Beach County, Florida.   SOR is a type of pretrial inmate release that allows a defendant to leave jail (usually without a cash bond). SOR was created to help […]

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    Pretrial Inmates Accused of Violent Crimes Are Being Released on SOR in Palm Beach County

    Posted on Bail Bond News November 4, 2019 by peter

    Releasing Inmates Suspected of Violent Crimes or with Criminal Histories on Supervised Release is a Danger to the Community New bail reform and criminal justice initiatives are causing concern around the United States. Cash bail has been removed for crimes classified as ‘low-risk’ in several states, including New Jersey, Oregon, New Mexico, Washington DC, Wisconsin […]

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    Florida Used Car Salesman Arrested on Multiple Counts of Defrauding Customers

    Posted on Bail Bond News October 25, 2019 by peter

    “A majority of the victims listed within the pile of police reports shared similar stories of how they met Galindo and began doing business with him at the West Palm Beach used car lot, Planet Motors. This led the sheriff’s office to begin a criminal investigation.” Jeremy Galindo, a previous employee of Planet Motors in […]

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