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Monroe County

Monroe County Bail Bonds Services

Arrested in Monroe County while fishing, lobstering, vacationing or as a resident? Call Bail Bonds Now in Monroe County for quick and expert assistance. Unfortunately licensing laws for fishing and lobstering in Monroe County can be very complicated with many restrictions on protected sea life/fish as well as very specific guidelines for different seasons. This can often result in arrest for fishing, or lobstering, without a license in Monroe County.

If you or your loved one has been arrested in Monroe County for any reason call Bail Bonds Now first for quick assistance with all of your Monroe County bail bonds Monroe county service needs. Why Bail Bonds Now? Because our licensed bail bonds agents are the most skilled in the state. We actively ensure our excellent reputation is backed by consistent demonstration of reliability and compassion for our clientele. Our agents remain on call 24/7, including all holidays.

We specialize in all bail bonds; this includes State and Federal Bonds. We pride ourselves on our specialization with Nebbia Bonds and the preparation of the Nebbia packet whenever this requirement is added to the bond. We comprehend that having a friend or loved one arrested can be an agonizing experience; however, we at Bail Bonds Now make the bail bond portion of this experience effortless with our professional staff available at any time of day, seven days a week, in combination with our quick and convenient online services.

We offer free warrant checks at Bail Bonds Now! If you now have a misdemeanor warrant, you may qualify for a “Pay and Go” service, which means you wont have to turn yourself in at the Jail! Call Bail Bonds Now for more information at 786-500-9999!

Remember that although Bail Bonds Now in Monroe County focuses on cities within Monroe County, we can assist you with a Bail Bond in any city in Florida. We service all types of bond amounts, charges, and all courts in every city in Monroe County. Call now for one of our expert agents dedicated to assisting you or your loved one at this crucial time.

Please call Bail Bonds Now 786-500-9999.

We service numerous areas throughout Monroe County, including:

  • Key West
  • Marathon
  • Islamorada
  • Key Colony Beach
  • Layton
  • Flamingo

Click here for all other areas we serve: Bail Bonds Areas

My son was arrested for DUI in Martin county. I called Peter at Bail Bonds Now at 3am Sunday morning and he was able to assist me right away. My son was out of Jail and back home within a few hours of contacting Peter. Thank you again Bail Bonds Now!”

-Mark P.


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